10 September 2018

Etere provides a flexible suite of solutions to manage the playout of closed captions for production, post-production and live broadcast. Its seamless connectivity, multi-language and multi-channel support allows users to meet the even most demanding requirements.

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Etere manages automated subtitling with integrated workflows for playout. It allows changes to be made even seconds before playout. Users can create a subtitle object with Etere Media Asset Management (MAM)'s Subtitle Tool and connect to Etere STMan to transmit the subtitles to Etere Automation. Etere ETX Closed Captions Inserter delivers the closed captions into recorded media and live playout. Subsequently, Etere Executive Scheduling manages the scheduling of the media content. Closed captions can also be inserted in any legacy server or mixed with any master control switcher. CEA 608 and CEA 708 captions are subsequently converted automatically to ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses) or DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) closed captions format and sent to the multiplexer for delivery.

Etere ETX Closed Captions Server
Etere ETX Closed Captions Server inserts closed captions subtitles on a video input. It supports both CEA608 and CEA708 closed captions.

Etere Pass Through CC Converter
In instances where there is no playout automation to manage the closed captions on air, Etere will embed it in the file as a CEA608/CEA708 format. Subsequently, Etere Pass Through CC Converter generates the ARIB/DVB streams and prepares it for delivery.

Live Captioning
Etere empowers its users with the tools to ensure frame-accurate content and a reliable performance even during live captioning. During a live playout, closed captions are first inserted via ETX CC inserter. Subsequently, the Etere ETX Time Delay manages the delayed playback of subtitles according to the requirements of the program.

SDI or Full IP Playout
With Etere ETX channel-in-a-box revolutionary software, users are able to manage the playout of both SDI and full IP playout of media files and subtitles based on Newtek Network Device Interface (NDI) technology.

Closed Captions Preview
Closed Captions can be searched, managed and previewed easily from Etere Media Asset Management (MAM). It offers multi-language preview on the asset form and on web. Etereweb provides real-time preview of media files with closed captions from any web browser. It supports unlimited web clients. Edits made on the video will result in an automation update of the subtitles, making it an extremely effective and cost-efficient solution.

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