06 September 2018

Etere facilitates the production of subtitles in multi-languages and for multi-platforms, opening up opportunities for your content to be brought to the world with its support for subtitles in over 120 languages and variants.

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Etere provides the most advanced tools to create closed captions from all stages of production from the insertion of subtitles to the extraction, format, conversions, scheduling, frame-rate adjustment, sub-clipping and clip assembly of subtitling.

Support for Multi-Format and Multi-Languages
Etere supports all commonly used subtitle formats including EBU, TXT, STL, PAC, XML, SAMI and SCC. With its support for DVB subtitling, ARIB subtitling, unicode language, TrueType fonts and Google Speech-to-text for up to 120 languages, Etere opens up a world of opportunities for content creators. From a single interface, users are equipped with cost-efficient tools such as spell-check, language selection and preview, positioning and color edit features.

Easy Import and Export
Etere users are also able to import and export closed captions, manage live captions and multi-language subtitling across all platforms, major standard formats and frame-rates. Users are able to
■Import from Rundown including in MOS and FTP
■Import directly from video files including in CEA608 and CEA708
■Import from text file
■Import all subtitle scripts in a single step

Live Captions Production
Live captioning demands a high level of accuracy and precision. Users are able to produce live subtitles once they are connected with a NCS server to receive rundowns and import subtitles directly from the same interface. During a live program, closed captions can be inserted to the CC Server through:
■Re-speaking using Microsoft, Dragon technology or Google Speech-to-Text technology
■Typing or import from file
■Etere MOS connector connects to NRCS system to receive teleprompter content
■FTP connection to NRCS

Browsing and Preview
Etere makes it easy for broadcasters to monitor and verify all captions before playout to ensure compliance with closed captioning laws across different countries. Etere enables broadcasters to preview assets with subtitles in a single click. It includes multi-language preview and unlimited web preview. With its real-time connectivity to the centralized database, all edits will be automatically updated instantly.