04 September 2018

Etere Subtitling Package is a complete solution that provides all the tools you need to prepare, control, embed, manage, verify and deliver closed caption.

Etere Subtitling Package is an all-in-one solution that is tailored for all your subtitling and closed caption requirements. It can be used for up to 10 computers and servers. Specially curated for this package are Etere software tools including:

Etere Subtitle Tool for Closed Caption
Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption Software is a powerful software tool that is able to manage the complete process of creation, management, burning, playout and conversion of subtitles, captions and other text services for production, post-production and live programs. Manage live captioning with newsroom seamlessly with its MOS connectivity and teleprompter support. Users are also able to connect directly to Newsroom via FTP to manage closed captioning. Etere is able to fulfill all captioning requirements with its full range of support for CEA 708, CEA 608, DVB and ARIB closed captions. Etere also provides the best speech-to-text capabilities on the market with its integrated support for Google Speech-to-Text which supports up to 120 languages and variants.
■Integrated with Google Speech to Text for 120 Languages and variants
■CEA 608 and 708 Closed Captions
■DVB Subtitling and ARIB Subtitling
■Extremely fast. Captions can be inserted/edited even just before being on-air
■Web format include ad webVtt
■Automated subtitling workflows including insertion, extraction, format conversions, timing, frame rate adjustment, sub-clipping and clip assembly
■Live captioning management with live edits and voice recognition
■Import and export subtitles in all major standard formats
■Full support for Unicode language, TrueType fonts and spell-check for multiple languages
■Integrated MAM provides an effective management of subtitles and targeted advertising
■Open captions: Transcoder licence for file production and preview

Etere Ingest
Etere is a playout server that enables users to ingest files manually and automatically. Based on configurable workflows, Etere manages ingestion from all common feeds as well as the storage of ingested media into the database. From SD to HD, Etere is able to capture in real-time from any video source, broadcast stream, FTP and IP stream. For a fast access, users can execute one-click ingest based on pre-defined profiles. Ingest settings are fully customisable by operators to fit their workflows perfectly. After ingestion, users are also able to preview ingested media in high resolution. Etere Ingest is managed by a global license and it can be used from any PC with a valid Etere CAL (client access license).
■ Automatic ingest based on scheduled operations
■ HiRes preview for quality check of ingested media
■ Simplified SDI copies between video servers
■ Backup recorded video files on video tapes
■ Detailed and statistical report of ingest operations
■ Automatic checks of file, duration and timecode issues

Stay connected with Etereweb which supports real-time previews and edits of subtitles from any web browser. Etereweb enables users to manage assets and operations from any location in the world as long as they are connected to the internet. Whether it is for search, preview, edit, download and upload, Etere offers real-time updates and tablet-compatible web client for a fast connectivity on the move. With its support for unlimited web clients, Etere allows better operational efficiency compared to other traditional solutions.
■ Enables extraction of subtitles to be saved as a separate caption file
■ View, modify and compare daily playlists in real time
■ Search, preview, edit, download and upload media files
■ Predefined post-upload and download workflows
■ Tablet-compatible web client for simple and fast access

Etere Proxy Browsing and Transcoding
The package includes an integrated transcoder that can be used to embed closed captions directly from the same interface. Etere Transcoder is a software for encoding of file-based workflows. It is a transcoder that is able to provide all major format conversions required in production, post-production, broadcast and distribution environments.
■ Robust transcoder based on the powerful FFMPEG conversion tool
■ H264 encoding at at different resolutions
■ XDCAM HD 50 PAL/NTSC encoding / XDCAM IMX 30 PAL/NTSC encoding
■ Up conversion and aspect ratio change
■ Down conversion without aspect ratio change
■ Multi-core and single-core processing
■ Custom rules for auto file naming

Users are also equipped with Etere Proxy Browsing which can be integrated into other Etere modules for file search, browsing, selection and even editing with all related secondary events. It allows users to perform ingest, edit, preview, playout and archive with newsroom.
■ Full Subtitle preview
■ Remote VTR panel control
■ Useful for previewing asset’s media files
■ Availability from any network Etere PC
■ Frame-accurate viewing and scrubbing
■ Multilanguage support of subtitles

Etere Media Asset Management
Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) is a highly-effective digital content management solution that is designed specifically to streamline the process of ingest, index, storage and retrieval of digital assets. It is an end-to-end software created to fully optimize the value of your assets through a centralized management of digital content and associated metadata.
■Advanced workflow orchestration that simplifies asset, metadata and content management
■Automated content processing that is able to detect new content assets
■Automated Ingest followed by effective and integrated QC workflows
■Fully integrated with Etere Browsing to support the streaming of VC-1 codecs
■Compliant with FFV1 Format

Etere Media Manager
Etere manages the movement of data with Media Manager, the application that manages the storage and retrieval of video files from a video server to archive. Etere Media Manager provides users with the flexibility to customize policies as well as the scheduled archival of devices, media contents and databases.