28 March 2019

Etere Automation offers greater flexibility with different levels of fault tolerance, including backup, master/clone and backup one to many mode, all with a single licence.

Etere Automation provides a reliable performance and the ultimate flexibility with multiple levels of fault tolerance and redundancy options. In media productions, having a reliable and flexible backup system is indispensable. Etere provides the benefits of an effective redundancy system with all the fault-tolerance options you need to optimize your system perfectly to your needs. Etere Automation's database-independent capabilities enable different levels of fault tolerance including backup mode, master/clone mode and backup one to many mode. Its resiliency allows users to select the data security and redundancy option that is best suited for their environment even as needs evolve. As a powerful multi-purpose software tool, Etere covers all the different schemas with a single licence, including:

Master and Clone: Based on two completely independent systems that enhances system reliability and prevents crashes across systems due to synchronization problems. Cloning provides real-time and automatic synchronization and between servers. It replicates identical copy of volumes on fast disk storage with quick failover. In the event that a problem is detected, an automatic failover to the secondary device server will be executed and no manual intervention is needed.
Main and Backup: Enables configuration of a main automation from which the playout will be performed while keeping a backup automation updated and ready to replace the main automation at all times. In backup mode, identical copy of files are stored on disk/tape/cloud storage. Off-site storage for disaster recovery can be implemented. With main and backup automation, broadcast stations are able to configure a main automation from which the playout will be performed with a backup automation that is always updated and ready to replace the main automation automatically in case of failure.
Backup one to many: Allows backup of main automation to multiple destination servers without interrupting the existing automation and backup.

About Etere Automation
Etere Automation is a powerful, reliable and modular playout automation system that is able to enhance broadcasters' potential in terms of functionalities and workflow design. Etere Automation combines the best of real-time device control and Media Asset Management (MAM) in a single integrated solution. It integrates seamlessly with the database of Etere MAM to integrate all activities in a single environment and allows retrieval of digital assets with no size limit. With its database-independent capabilities and distributed architecture, it is extremely fault-tolerant and provides an unrivaled reliability. Additionally, it integrates with Etere Scheduling to send all schedules to be published. Users are able to manage playlists and perform quick changes even just before broadcast. Etere Scheduling gives broadcasters the freedom to schedule programs, provide simulations, generate high and low resolution previews. The schedule editor is frame accurate and operators no longer have to deal with fillings or cuts. Etere Automation is also able to transmit streaming events according to the videoserver capabilities, play in A/B switch mode and remote several devices using network, serial, and GPI connections. It can be integrated with Etere Proxy Browsing to allow multiple operators to access the same clip at the same time. With the integration, users can manage jog and shuttle functions from a single interface.

Key Features
■ Integrated environment with a user-friendly interface
■ Ingest system, common with Etere Media Asset Management (MAM), can be used for both archive and playout
■ Start and end points on videos are stored in the system database
■ Single segment, multi segment and multi spot are managed as a same database object
■ Barcodes can be printed on catalogue tapes
■ Ingest jobs can be automated to minimize operator work
■ Live recordings are also supported and these can be manually triggered or pre-scheduled
■ Play while recording is supported on every device
■ Etere Automation runs independently from the Etere' SQL Server, ensuring a truly fault-tolerant and resilient performance
■ Etere Automation is able to offer different levels of fault tolerance, with Backup Mode, Master/Clone Mode, and Disaster Recovery Mode with a distributed architecture that provides high redundancy for system failure
■ Seamless workflows with Etere ETX, Etere Scheduling and Etere Automation for real time content delivery

When considering data security measures, Etere professionals can help you to analyze your requirements and recommend a redundancy plan that is tailored to your needs. Etere strives to prepare its users to be future-ready at every step of the workflow, including being empowered with the tools to adapt to any future requirements you may have. With its 24/7 global support, the Etere team is always ready to share its expertise, tune up your system and provide solutions. For more information, write to us at info@etere.com

About Etere
Since its beginnings in 1987, Etere has been preparing users to be ready for the future. Etere is a worldwide provider of broadcast and media software solutions backed by its mark of excellence in system design, flexibility and reliability. Engineered in Singapore, the revolutionary concept of Etere Ecosystem promotes real-time collaborations and enhances operational efficiency across the entire enterprise. Etere Ecosystem software solutions including Media Asset Management, Channel-in-a-Box, Newsroom, Ad Insertion, Airsales, Automation, Broadcast Management System, Censorship, HSM Archive, Logging, OTT/VOD Delivery, Radio-Live, Subtitling and Captioning software are built with an integrative Web and Windows architecture that are customisable to fit perfectly in any system. Etere system is developed by 4 different groups in different countries to ensure reliability and quality. Etere delivers on its service excellence commitment with its dedicated team and a 24/7 worldwide support. Its portfolio of digital technologies and market-proven remote/on-site solutions including consultancy, training, installation and demonstrations are ready to run with your business no matter where you are. Etere enhances your adaptability for the future and empowers you with the software tools to drive your business to greater heights.