Etere Live Ingest For Avid

09 April 2019

Etere Live Ingest for Avid is a professional and cost-effective solution that features HD/SD-SDI capabilities and compatibility with off-the-shelf hardware. It comes with an integrative web interface for easy monitoring.

With Etere Live Ingest for Avid, users can use off-the-shelf hardware to manage multi-channel ingest for HD and SD-SDI. The solution is completely scalable and users can mix and match the hardware to cater to their requirements. Etere Live Ingest for Avid is a highly versatile ingest software that integrates seamlessly with Avid Interplay. It features user configurable segments for an easy management and selection of materials. It is capable of recording multiple HD-SDI streams with BlackMagic cards. Input signals are recorded in a loop with configurable length for each channel. Designed to run concurrently with Avid Air Speed, users can retrieve the recorded materials from the ingest server if the recording on the main was interrupted.

For an easy maintenance, all expired recordings are automatically deleted to ensure that storage space is always available. Recordings are fully SMPTE RDD-9 compliant and MXF files can be used directly from the ingest server with any editing software that supports this format. It supports RDD-9 and video server segments can be used for a simultaneous edit-and-record workflow in Avid MediaComposer and the official XDCAM HD plugin. The system is designed with a distributed database and features high redundancy. Etere Live Ingest for Avid is a highly flexible solution that enables configuration in XDCAM HD 50, DNxHD 120 or DV25 wrapped in MXF OP1a wrapper.

Key Features
■ Manage the complete process of editing, selection and transfer
■ Automatically deletes expired files
■ Customisable segments for easy handling and selection of materials
■ Fully redundant and fault resilient
■ Transfer selected video segments directly into Avid interplay environment
■ Unlimited loop recording
■ Select and transfer while ingesting
■ Web monitoring with multiviewer
■ Export into OP1a MXF files for easy interchange with popular editing systems
■ Captures media in XDCAM HD 50, DNxHD 120 or DV25 wrapped in MXF OP1a wrapper
■ Completely scalable to requirements
■ Vendor neutrality with broad compatibility with off-the-shelf hardware
■ Works seamlessly with Avid Interplay
■ Ensures no critical footage is missed regardless of hardware or system failure

Sample Configuration for 8 Channels XDCAM HD 50 1080i Feeds
■ HP DL380G9, Dual PSU, 2x Xeon E5-2680v4, 16GB RAM
■ 2 x Blackmagic duo
■ 10 x HP 4TB 6G SAS 7.2K rpm LFF drive (695510-B21) confgured as RAID 6
■ 1 x SSD 256 GB as system drive
■ RAID controller w/ battery backup cache
■ HP Ethernet 1 GB 4-port 366FLR FIO (Intel chip set)
■ Second PCIe riser card
■ Windows 2012R2

About Etere
Etere was established in 1987 it is amongst the worldwide leaders in Media Asset Management (MAM) and channel-in-a-box software solutions. Etere Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP) framework of scalable solutions are used by media enterprises across the end-to-end workflow. Etere MERP modular software including MAM, Airsales, Ad Insertion, Playout Automation, Broadcast Management System, HSM Archive, Newsroom Computer System (NRCS), Broadcast Management System, Broadcast video over IP, Censorship, Closed Captioning and Subtitle Management are built with an innovative architecture, offering the best flexibility and reliability in the market. Etere headquarters is in Singapore and it provides a worldwide 24/7 support.


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