04 September 2019

To improve its overall workflow and ready the company for challenges ahead, Technicolor Australia has enlisted Etere to provide a MAM, Production system, and client access to upgrade its systems.

Technicolor Australia has realised a need to upgrade their long existing systems to increase the overall productivity of the company. In order to streamline their workflow, Technicolor Australia has chosen Etere’s MAM solution for its cost efficient and reliable, technologically advanced solution that stands a cut above the competitors.

Technicolor’s implementation of the Etere MAM solution provided the Australian company with a full end-to-end workflow solution that is able to streamline the process of ingesting, indexing, storage, and retrieval of all of Technicolor’s digital assets. The MAM solution is a reliable and consistent system that is able to sustain Technicolor for the years to come.

The nature of the fast paced business of Technicolor required a user friendly interface that allowed users to find information without delay. Etere’s client portal was implemented as the perfect solution that was able to regulate client access depending on the nature of the material, and provide a straightforward and streamlined process of asset retrieval.

The custom Technicolor Portal that Etere devised was only the peak of the iceberg for the MAM solution, as Etere also ensured that Technicolor had their own full content library, with a customisable client library rights to protect any sensitive material. The MAM solution includes an automated ingest that is able to quickly prepare Technicolor’s files for either broadcast or archiving. Each of the aspects of the MAM solution are fully integrated with an effective QC workflow to ensure quality across all aspects. A special focus will be made on the comprehensive workflow framework that allows automating the acquisition, conforming, transcoding and transfer of all required material, a key feature that eliminates possible errors during the delivery chain.

For a more in-depth look at Etere's MAM solution for Technicolor, please refer to the case study attachment.