EA1319 Etere Stratus Interface

25 February 2018

Etere MAM includes supports full GV Stratus, allowing users to move files and metadata to and from GV Stratus using Etere T-workflow actions.

Users of GV Stratus can now streamline their workflow with the introduction of the integrated Etere Stratus interface. Over the course of work, users may need to move files to and from their GV Stratus systems to their Etere systems, for process such as archiving or restoring. With the use of TCP/IP, Etere systems can now communicate directly to the Stratus systems allowing users to move files smoothly in-between systems. These file movements are controlled by the Etere Workflow, ensuring productivity for your workflow process.
When Etere Stratus integration is triggered for archive or restore operations, the required paths would be automatically inserted into the Media Folder of the cloud-device, with the user name and password specified in the DAL of the related resource in Resource Editor.

Additionally, users can edit their media properties to allow GV Stratus to view the contents of all Etere Assets, creating a seamless integration process while also ensuring certain files to be protected.
The licence allows to control one Stratus, of any size.
EA1319 interacts with the GV API and creates a Media Library from the metadata taken from Stratus, which includes the physical position of the files inside of the Stratus archives that we can subsequently move or copy into one cloud device with the proper T-Workflow. It also works both ways to send information and media back to GV Stratus.

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