EA1393 Etere EDT Fast UDP Data Transfer

EA1393 Etere EDT Fast UDP Data Transfer

15 October 2019

EA 1393 is a UDP based data transfer that provides a fast and reliable data transfer integrated within Etere Data Mover. It is controlled through T-workflow.

Etere EDT Fast UDP Data Transfer allows for faster and more reliable data transfer connections. Etere Data Transfer is seven times faster than the usual FTP technology, and provides a more secure connection. This is a new core technology that we called EDT (Etere Data Transfer Protocol), that serves to deliver more power and security control over your network bandwidth.

The Etere EDT is used across all Etere Workflows, standardising the framework used. As the EDT does not need any third party applications, it is optimised to be faster and more compatible across networks than the standard FTP technology, providing users with a better connection that can be used across processes.

The EDT uses a different algorithm y and is able to utilize all the available bandwidth and is considerably faster than FTP. It accelerates the video files transfer using WAN connection from 5 to 7 times compared to the standard FTP technology. EDT delivers a better performance than similar products on the market and is user-friendly and embedded in Etere with no special hardware requirements and no other third party applications.

Performance result on Video files
■ Average throughput of 97 MBps on a GigE LAN
■ Average throughput 4 time more than FTP on a WAN with short delay as Europe to Europe
■ Average throughput 7 time more than FTP on a WAN with long delay as Europe To Australia

Key Features
■ UDP based Data Transfer
■ Reliable, application level, duplex, transport protocol, over UDP with reliability, congestion, and flow control
■ Two orthogonal parts
■ The EDT protocol framework implemented above UDP,
■ The EDT congestion control algorithm, implemented in TCP