22 March 2019

Reach viewers across mediums with the powerful and efficient Etere OTT delivery solution. Optimize, orchestrate, and monetise your broadcasts when you have a bigger reach across platforms.

Over-The-Top (OTT) content is the new frontier of media consumption that broadcasters need to tap into. Etere OTT provides its curated range of solutions that prepares broadcasters to enable their media assets for broadcast across multiple platforms and mediums.
Able to schedule content delivery, manage rights for the influx of content contracts and contractors,and manage media formats for delivery.

Etere OTT Delivery
Etere OTT Delivery is the solution that enables you to get a quick and easy way to export your content to over-the-top platform provider, meet all contract terms and media formatting requirements while ensuring the protection of your premium assets. The broadcasting industry is well known for being a rapidly-evolving landscape, Etere's strong grasp of industry's trends and innovative technologies enables you to keep up the pace. Etere OTT Delivery is the innovative and revolutionary solution to enrich your broadcasting and make you the next generation media winner.

Etere T-Workflow
The OTT Delivery solution has been powered with workflow technology to provide automated and accurate transfer and transcoding capabilities that will allow you to make your media suitable to the requirements of any OTT video delivery platform. OTT Delivery can be seamlessly integrated with your existing broadcast workflows to easily expand your multi-platform product offerings.

Seamlessly Integrated
Etere Ecosystem is able to connect all the activities of a multimedia company and integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization thanks to the use of "smooth and intelligent" workflows, becoming the most effective way to control all business processes and costs while providing a big advantage: integration of all myriad processes with consequent saving of time and expenses. The tight integration between OTT Delivery and other Etere modules such as Etere Workflow, Etere Automation and Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) creates a high-level business architecture able to maximize your revenue generation and efficiently deliver your content to the OTT marketplace and the video service providers available on it. Etere OTT Delivery protect your assets and ensure delivery only to authorized platforms, ensuring that licensing terms and regulatory constraints are not violated.

Key Features
■ Facilitated order compilation and multi-change capabilities
■ OTT Ad Insertion: Create multiple sub-playlists to be generated from the main playlist
■ Exclusive relation to a specific platform
■ Easy duplication of orders to extend platforms
■ Multi-platform delivery of assets through different orders
■ Custom XML headers per order/platform
■ Automatic workflow preparation and export of files
■ Track and consult all delivered assets through accurate reports
■ Defines the rights agreement that determines the platforms through which the delivered content can be transmitted through diffusion of Rights
■ Real-time payment tracking of delivered content
■ "ToDo Notifications" tool allows easy creation of reminders to be automatically delivered via e-mail at specific times, for example, to remind the accountancy department to perform the payment of the sold rights
■ Search delivery orders easily via search filters
■ Distribute content over a variety of media platforms including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Redbox Instant, Vudu, Vodafone TV, CanalSat, Orange Nouvelle TV
■ Specify all delivery conditions such as licensee, platform, metadata, asset(s) and workflow to be executed

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