Radio Live

Radio Live

18 October 2019

An adaptable and uniquely efficient visual radio automation, reach a wider audience with Radio Live. Fully integrated, cost effective, and user friendly, Etere makes visual radio broadcasting attainable with Radio Live.

Manage multiple radio stations, various playlists, live and recorded shows, all from one interface.

Designed for convergence and fully automated, Radio-Live allows users to ingest and produce content for Radio, TV, Web and Mobile, all in a single system. Built for both big and small broadcasters, organise your tracks, build stacks, schedule your day, make it happen with Radio-Live. Radio broadcasting is made easy with Radio-Live.

Equipped with a unique playout feature, users of Radio Live can check their playlists and make live, instant edits to their broadcasts, schedule advertisements with customisable graphics, for a single track or the entire channel. The flexible manipulation of media items allow users to make the most out of their broadcasts.

Radio Live is available for both large and small broadcasters with the Radio Live automation and the Radio Live Basic.

Key Features
■ Set rotation rules
■ Real-time monitoring
■ Clock-based scheduling
■ Manage exclusion tracks
■ Customisable time marker
■ Instant player
■ Preview and quick edits
■ TCP/IP/Gpio (matrix, switches, audio processors, video processors, remote control) and serial connection
■ Precise scheduling selection
■ Unlimited template scheduler
■ Manage live commercial scheduling
■ Manage direct and live streaming
■ Edit fade and mix between tracks
■ Manage scheduling for external devices
■ Preset the complete schedule for the day
■ Option for manual editing of schedule advertising
■ Define programming periods with rotation option
■ Song selection based on customisable criteria
■ Set planning criteria for specific timetable