18 October 2019

Etere equips users with the software tools to analyze audience data, insert logos/timecodes, view/edit recordings, and log clips for compliance with regulatory requirements and delivery to OTT, VOD, social media platforms.

Etere solutions manage the end-to-end media lifecycle of broadcast and media enterprises. Under the reliable web of the Etere Ecosystem, streamline your entire workflow with Etere solutions that feature seamless integration and useful operability. As the world's first producer of software only broadcasting solutions, Etere solutions are sure to declutter your control rooms, increase productivity, and encourage a better range of adaptablity and scalability. Take the first step to achieve the results-driven success that you want. We can help you to attain results that are tailored to your success. Chat with us to find out more.

Broadcasters have to make sure their aired content is logged and available online to comply with regulatory requirements, and also to easily export content. With Etere, users can record any and all content broadcasted from multiple mediums and platforms, archive it, and enable simultaneous users to monitor the live or archived content.

Etere Memory
Etere Memory provides broadcasters with a reliable compliance logger that records and stores all transmitted video and audio in a low resolution format (Mpeg4/WMV), enabling operators to fulfill all broadcast recording laws. Not only that, it allow content creators to re-purpose their content in a cost-effective and easy way.

EPG/As Run log integration
Integration with any EPG or As run Log from any automation system provides alternative tools for searching and finding specific content. These files can be automatically loaded into the system, manually loaded or taken from the internet. It allows playing or clipping of the relevant content directly from the EPG or As Run Log. Automatic import of common as-run logs simplifies finding content for ad verification and compliance purposes.

Closed caption/SCTE/DVB-Subtitles/Teletext/Multiple audio tracks
Recording of DVB subtitles, closed caption or teletext and being able to monitor them is a requirement of the broadcasters in order to comply with regulation and maintain quality of service.

Key Features
■ HTML5 player for web/desktop browsing and H264 (MPEG-4) compatibility
■ Compliance logger that complies with all the TV regulatory requirements such as the FCC, in one platform
■ Streaming out of content for remote control of video
■ Live clipping for OTT and social media
■ Video-On-Demand (VOD) clipping
■ HTTP, UDP, RTSP & RTMP streaming to flash media server and Wowza Media Server
■ Supports analogue and digital video capture boards
■ Data protection and advanced redundancy to record files on remote servers
■ Unlimited and simultaneous clients/recordings, multiple viewings and editing
■ Embedded time code on recorded videos
■ Automatic detection and SNMP notifications for black and freezed video issues
■ Metadata marking to identify and search key video parts
■ Audience data insertion into logged video files and competitors record checks
■ Supports insertion of logos and timecodes, supports annotation on video
■ Includes Etere HSM archiving at no additional costs
■ Integration with loudness check and preview with Etere Audience
■ Works from different devices: PC, MAC, iPads, smartphones
■ Web based broadcast logger – no client installation is needed, access from anywhere

Interested parties can contact us at info@etere.com to find out more.

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