ABS-CBN Chooses Etere to Expand its Existing, Etere System

07 March 2012

Etere has introduced a tapeless workflow in ABS-CBN Global to expand its existing Etere system: the playout is managed with Etere Automation since 10 years

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation is a Philippine multi-media conglomerate, is the largest integrated media and entertainment company in the Philippines, it is principally involved in television and radio broadcasting, as well as the production of television programming for domestic and international audiences and other related businesses. ABS-CBN broadcasts content to the rest of the world through the “TFC Direct” (Filipino Channel), “TFCko” (Video On-demand) and “TFCnow” (Internet TV). All ABS-CBN Global international television networks are based in the Philippines and they are distributed through cable and DTH subscriptions in Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and North America.
ABS-CBN is an historical customer of Etere in the Philippines since the first installation held ten years ago, afterward, Etere has produced an amazing increase of reliability in the ABS-CBN group that has resulted in the installation of lots of their network stations.

Recently, ABS-CBN Global has chosen Etere to integrate its production facility for Global channel. The playout of the TV channels is managed by Etere Automation since almost 10 years. The ABS-CBN facility is complex, it manages 24 channels with 3 different video servers in 3 different formats. Etere is used to glue all the departments with an only one framework.

Etere has effectively performed the transition of ABS-CBN to a file-based workflow which currently works under a tapeless environment fully controlled via workflow for allowing the automatic playout, transmission and production departments to use a common framework and a file-based workflow. The scalability of Etere offered a very cost-effective and efficient way to expand the existing system. The Italian company allowed the Philippines network to jump-start the project and execute it quickly as it has been build on their existing infrastructure. Thanks to the user-friendly NLE module available in Etere, ABS-CBN expects to speed up the process of video editing, that is, to produce the stories quicker and more efficiently. NLE will allow to unify their processes with other file formats, preparing everything for archive. Once all formats are uploaded Etere Workflow will convert them to a format suitable for broadcast and then move them to their respective device. ABS-CBN operators use Etere Web to manage uploads, assets, schedules programming, commercial orders, operations logging and much more. Etere Web is a tapeless and paperless solution perfectly integrated with all other Etere solutions to enhance information exchange between ABS-CBN and NLE systems. Moreover, Etere Web offers remote access for authenticated users so all operators can works on the same file. Video files transfers between video servers is automatically performed by Etere Media Manager according to the channel-specific rules set in the customer’s designed workflow. Etere Media Manager is an embedded Etere Media Manager software tool responsible for content availability whenever and wherever they are required, it offers the ability to transfer ingested material between devices, including straight transfers to playout servers from archiving devices, all this, giving freedom on the design of suitable workflows. Last but not least, it’s worthy mentioning that Etere manages the additional storage used from transmission for easy repurposing. Etere is the unique broadcast solutions able to connect all the activities of a multimedia company thanks to the use of ”smooth and intelligent” workflows and a completely tapeless and paperless framework, thus resulting in the best solution for reducing time and expenses on any media company.