01 November 2019

Etere provides radio broadcasters with a centralised media asset repository to access various files and services in the workflow with ease.

Etere provides a full end to end solution for the production broadcasting lifecycle. Designed specifically to streamline the process of ingest, index, storage and retrieval of digital assets, you can acquire files, capture IP audio/video streams, search, edit, and exchange media from archives as well as from the production base, all from a single application.

The Radio Production Media Asset Management allows you to run your entire radio broadcast studio virtually, while giving you access to a full suite of tools and resources to work, and grow your business exponentially. The web interface that MAM uses enables you to tap into your work and resources even off site, whenever you need it, offering you the freedom of creation. Its effective implementation both increases operational efficiency and maximizes the return on investment of digital media. Etere MAM simplifies the process of content management by streamlining the digital workflow, bringing media to the market faster and in multiple formats, ensuring an exceptional and accurate content.

Full Management
You still have full control over your work and resources even when away from the office with the Etere MAM web interface, that keeps users connected across devices with an internet connection. Even easily share media between sites and clients with the convenient style of retrieval. Take charge of complex export workflows and automate an unlimited amount of processes.

Audio/video Editing
The Etere MAM solution allows you to edit your audio and video clips directly from your archive, without the need to import or export files that are already in your database, greatly shaving off time in the editing process.

Record New Media
The additional Feed-in and Feed-plan media logging modules allow you to schedule and record your audio/video channels automatically. Without waiting until capture is complete, Radio Assist users can immediately edit incoming streams with the smooth editing feature.

Playback Player
Etere Player provides a definitive browsing solution offering all the features needed to unleash your media playback capabilities and make your browsing operations a seamless experience.

Resource Management
Etere Resources Management is the solution that manages all broadcast related activities. It is powerful and user friendly enough to help media companies to become more efficient and profitable, it also enables new optimized structures to be designed when required.

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