Kanal 2 upgades with Etere DiskLibrary Archive and ETX

07 November 2019

Kanal 2, broadcaster from Estonia and long time customer of Etere, choose the new DiskLibrary technology for their Archive.

Long time broadcaster, Kanal 2, has employed Etere to upgrade its dated systems to the new Etere ETX and DiskLibrary, in a move that intends to increase productivity and lower costs in the long run. Etere ETX is Etere's famous, powerful video management automation, while Etere DiskLibrary is Etere's cost efficient alternative to the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) tapes. With the intention to increase the overall workings of the company, Kanal 2 has taken Etere's suggestions to improve their overall broadcasting systems with ETX, and streamline the process of data retrieval with DiskLibrary.

A returning customer of Etere, Kanal 2 has long worked with Etere to achieve the best in broadcasting standards. A privately owned channel in Estonia, Kanal 2 has in the apst, upgraded many of its systems such as its playout automations and expanding their channels, with Etere's help. Now the powerhouse broadcaster is preparing itself for the influx of activity and increasing the company's workflow process with Etere ETX and Etere DiskLibrary to accomodate.

The Etere DiskLibrary is a cost efficient alternative to Linear Tape-Open (LTO) tapes and ODA, and provides better operability for a growing broadcaster. Etere DiskLibrary uses sleeping disks which enable significant power savings when not in use. With both low setup and maintenance costs, the DiskLibrary offers Kanal 2 great flexibility and reliability at a lower cost. The structure of the DiskLibrary makes retrieval of files impeccably fast, helping Kanal 2 manage their assets faster, and allows them to cooperate with their ever increasing archive of media.

Etere ETX is the most advanced, and cost efficient video management system in the market today. It is 4K ready and a complete channel in a box with full IP (in and out) for multiple frames rates. It is able to drive the most popular HD/SD digital video/audio/graphics platforms without using middle-ware/proprietary hardware. ETX is a fully digital ingest/playout engine that gives you professional video technology with support for all major essences and wrappers in the broadcast industry.

Fully integrated with Kanal 2's existing modules, all of Etere products work seamlessly in tangent together under the Etere Ecosystem, a web of software modules that is able to manage the complete lifecycle process of a media/IT company. Etere is the first company in the world to produce software only modules, and continues to be the leading provider. These software only modules promises Kanal 2 to improve their workflow with cleaner system processing and work rooms, simpler setups, and a more cost efficient system.

Etere knows this solution for Kanal 2 is one that will last.

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