Etere Drives World's Biggest NDI Powered Facility for Mondo TV

Etere Drives World's Biggest NDI Powered Facility for Mondo TV

26 December 2019

With over 40 channels, Etere has installed a full Media Asset Management system and playout that serves to fufill all broadcasting requirements. All linked with NDI® connection, making Mondo TV currently the world's biggest NDI powered facility.

Mondo TV goes on air with an impressive lineup of over 40 different channels, supported by Etere's intuitive full scale MAM solution. This setup is unique in its optimisation, linked wholly with NDI connection, the full NDI setup allowing Mondo TV an unmatched service as well as full flexibility in its information transmitting. The full size of the Mondo TV system makes this the world's biggest playout installation linked through NDI.

The NDI connects an intricately massive Media Asset Management (MAM) solution that encompasses all of Mondo TV's needs as a broadcasting company. All of the installed software are Etere products, allowing for a full web of interconnected software that work in tandem to move and assign media from a unified interface, simplifying the operator's daily work. The Etere solution fully covers all aspects of broadcasting, end to end. The solution includes software for airsales, the newsroom, transcoding, playout, monitoring, and captioning.

Etere's Media Asset Management (MAM) solution is Etere's award winning solution that ties together all of the broadcasting software. As Etere solutions are fully software based, this allows for users to attend to any aspect of their broadcast operations from the same computer based interface, making the entire broadcasting process not only less cluttered, but simpler for new users to acclimatize themselves to. Etere MAM is present in both desktop and web form, allowing users to access their files and monitor their workflows from anywhere in the world. The scalable architecture allows Mondo TV to continue building its station with no added costs, putting no limits on the company or the nature of the work.

The extensive HSM Archive system that Etere has installed for Mondo TV is home to over 40 slots, giving the company more than enough storage system to safely contain their information. The Etere HSM solution is fail safe and absolutely secure, ensuring that there will be no loss of data and that data retrieval will always be quick and painless for the user.

Etere keeps itself fully accessible for Mondo TV. Through an intuitively useful plugin into popular Adobe products such as Adobe Premiere Pro, the Mondo TV operators are able to instantly access their saved MAM files through the Adobe interface. This eliminates the need to import and export their files, hereby streamlining their workflow, allowing for quick edits and fast finishes.

Etere's Etere ETX provides a virtual, software only system that functions as a fully digital ingest/playout engine that gives you professional video technology with support for all major essences and wrappers in the broadcast industry. It is capable of NDI output, and multiple layers of 2D and 3D graphics. Time saving and space saving, Mondo TV can now do away with the usual switcher panels, needing only a computer interface to control their broadcasts.

Etere ETX-M Multiviewer provides a useful way for Mondo TV to keep track of all of their input channels all within one interface. Supported by the secure NDI technology, Mondo TV can stream from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other local or remote sources and monitor all their feeds. Each stream's live viewer window comes equipped with on screen audio meters and custom view labels. Integrated with the Etere Automatic Loudness Control (ALC), Mondo TV is able to monitor the feed's audio level through the Etere ETX-M Multiviewer. Imbued with with features to automatically detect loudness problems including auto jumps between programs and commercials as well as signal handling for all worldwide recommendations for loudness measurement, the Etere ALC is an important tool to ensure smooth broadcasting for Mondo TV.