Etere updates its systems to 64-bit power with Etere 30.2

30 January 2020

In Etere's latest release, Etere 30.2, al Etere systems have been optimised to move to an impressive 64-bit. You can now enjoy even faster systems, and streamline your workflow like never before.

Etere is releasing its latest update, the Etere 30.2. With this new update, Etere's systems has been upgraded to use 64-bit power. This is a free update that is available to all of Etere's existing customers.
This improvement allows the Etere systems to work with much more power and efficiency, enabling users to undertake faster and more high spec operations. 64-bit data systems means that the system processes data in 64-bits, which is a far higher amount than the usual 32-bit data processing that most systems use. The more data the Etere systems can process, the faster they will be.

With new advancements in technology, Etere seeks to keep on top of the game by optimising its systems to match the new 64-bit architecture in computers these days. The 64-bit systems can provide users with a greater and more efficient usage of their RAM and improve processes in the long run.

The Etere 30.2 update can be noted from our new splashscreen, also designed specially for the Etere 30 anniversary. Spruce up your workplace with these new splashscreens, and use them to identify if your computer is running the latest Etere version.

The 64 bits upgrade will be included in different phases from version 30.2 to avoid compatibility problems.

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