The Difference between Nunzio and Octopus

The Difference between Nunzio and Octopus

11 February 2020

This document explains the differences between Etere Nunzio Newsroom and our newsroom competitor, Octopus Newsroom. Please check the attached comparison list to find the detailed list of different functions between Etere and Octopus.

Etere Nunzio Newsroom is a fully integrated and through newsroom management software that is able to provide a collaborative workflow that is useful in a fast paced news environment. Although there are many newsroom management software options in the market today, Nunzio Newsroom continues to remain the best, most reliable, and most cost efficient solution for broadcasters to choose.

One of Etere's biggest competitors is Octopus Newsroom, a company specialising in newsroom solutions. Although Octopus Newsroom serves the same purpose, it is packaged differently and in some ways functions differently. In the attached is our full list of differences between Octopus Newsroom and Nunzio Newsroom.

Many of the Octopus Newsroom features, that can be seen as essential in this modern age, for example; posting to social media sites and web platforms, are features that need to be purchased as add ons. For Nunzio Newsroom, all offsite posting, such as to social media sites and web platforms, are included in the Nunzio package.

The normal Octopus Newsroom does not include many useful features that can greatly improve the quality of work for broadcasters. Many useful features are only included through additional paid upgrades to the base software, such as unlimited news wire management, and additional automation controls.

Nunzio Newsroom provides the full range of newsroom functions that can help any broadcaster distribute their news, all in one user friendly and cost efficient system. Nunzio Newsroom understands broadcasters and provides functionality that is sure to help users deliver their news to the audience efficiently.

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