Etere Announces Technological Partnership with ENPS

Etere Announces Technological Partnership with ENPS

04 November 2004

Etere is introducing a full integration partnership with the AP ENPS newsroom system. Users of ENPS can now comfortably use Etere in tandem with their existing newsroom systems.

Etere is announcing a new partnership with the ENPS systems. Famous for our Automation and Media Asset Management (MAM) systems, Etere is now ready to provide full integration features to the AP ENPS systems. Users can now use products from both companies with ease.

This new integration introduces a cost effective and reliable way for users to breach the news market. The ENPS is a well rounded newsroom system that many users around the world have access to. This integration is aimed to make Etere more accessible to those in the fast paced news market. Now ENPS users can use their systems and make broadcasting, file retrieval and management easier with Etere systems.

Our systems are designed to work well in tandem with third party systems such as ENPS. This solution is a fault-tolerant and user-friendly system, and does not require the user to have any prior software knowledge to implement. The developed solution comes with all the benefits of Etere’s distributed architecture, being intrinsically modular and fault tolerant. Etere can interface with ENPS via the MOS protocol, so last minute changes to news stories are immediately reflected in the Etere Automation, ready to go on-air.

This partnership is one that Etere is sure will be positive for our customers and the future of broadcasting. Importantly it should be mentioned that, as usual, such official announcements have been preceded by very intensive and accurate testing.

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