The Difference between VSN and Etere

The Difference between VSN and Etere

13 February 2020

This document explains the differences between Etere products and our broadcast solutions competitor, VSN. Please check the attached comparison list to find the detailed list of different functions between Etere and VSN.

All Etere Systems are part of the Etere Ecosystem, a huge overarching system that connects all software and processes, creating a smooth, fast, and easy to use end-to-end solution. Etere provides a wide range of software that is aimed to create a streamlined fully virtualised solution that encompasses all of a broadcasting station's needs. Powered by IP technology, Etere solutions promise fast reliable outcomes that are cost efficient and up-to-date.
VSN Solutions provides a similar range of technologies that are also aimed at broadcasters. In many ways, VSN packages their products differently from Etere, as we provide a holistic range of solutions. In the attached is a list of feature differences between Etere and the VSN Solutions.

VSN packages its products with many essential features being offered as a paid upgrades. For example, VSN does not provide MAM with high resolution access, and does not provide a complete NRCS system in its base package.

VSN does not provide an integrated HSM archive, and is less convenient for users to store their data using their system methods. It does not provide multi-tier cache technology as is used by Etere to help greatly streamline your workflow.

The VSN Air Sales system is different primarily from Etere in how it segments its sales modules. Invoices, commissioning, and document management for paperless systems are some of the features that are not included in the VSN Air Sales systems. This can lead be troublesome for users as there is a need to use either a different software to finish their sales processes or purchase additional upgrades.
Etere systems are all sold with the full range of essential features to ensure that users are able to successfully create and deliver content efficiently, while remaining reliable and cost effective. Backed by over 30 years of experience, Etere products have withstood the test of time and are always kept up to date with regular updates and supported by a 24/7 software help desk.

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