01 February 2020

Equipped to handle multiple channels of 4K/HD/SD content to be ingested from NDI or SDI or IP digital feeds, live feeds, file imports. The powerful software is able to ingest/ Play up to 6 streams simultaneously.

This is a multichannel and multi-format ingest software that combines all the features you need in a single platform including multiple live ingest and simple preview for up to 6 channels. Etere Multichannel Recorder Player integrates fully with the Etere Ecosystem and works seamlessly across your workflows. It also provides a perfect integration with any third-party modules. The solution is designed with a user-friendly interface and simple menu for an efficient operation. It allows you to manage the ingestion of large number of files effectively for mission-critical broadcast and archive operations.

With wide format support, instant response, frame lossless operation and excellent reliability, Etere Multichannel Ingest is compliant with SD and HD television operations. Specially designed for big broadcasters, the software is able to process and ingest six separate channels of content simultaneously. Ingest live programs, direct from SDI broadcast streams, MPEG streams, and file imported media easily with Etere. Equipped with a multi-function display, users can undergo multiple actions while on the main interface. From the interface, users are able to insert basic metadata prior to recording, drag and drop files, configuration details, preview ingesting videos, and select videos. The system is designed to be user friendly and simple for beginners to use.

The uncompromising performance and stability of Etere Multichannel Ingest, with its advanced video processing, security and management features, make it a superb tool for fast paced environments and large scale broadcasters. Able to reside on IP networks, the Etere Multichannel Ingest has the versatility to fit into most IT environments.

Etere Mutichannel Ingest is a cost-effective and efficient solution that significantly improves the ingestion process of any media enterprise. Etere Ingest is managed by a global license and it can be used from any PC with a valid Etere CAL (client access license).
Key Features
■ Six independent ingest channels in a single server
■ All six instances in a single screen
■ SD/HD/4K
■ Various ingest inputs – composite, component, SD/HD SDI
■ Multi-channel audio ingesting
■ Closed captioning support (EIA-608/708 standards)
■ Batch and Scheduled Capturing
■ True Peak Audio Meters
■ TDIR (Time delay instant reply – ingested content can be used for immediate editing or playout, before finishing the ingest process)
■ Ingest from satellite feeds and automatic feed switching
■ Comprehensive metadata handling
■ File splitting based on duration

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