20 February 2020

With the new NDI® Audio Monitoring Software, you can monitor the audio on your NDI® systems and keep on tab of all your broadcasts.

Introducing the Etere audio monitoring system specially designed for NDI. Keep track of your NDI broadcasts and make sure your volume outputs are always up to check with Etere NDI Audio Monitor.

This software emulates the standard audio monitoring system, allowing you to make a fast switch between NDI signals without having to wait for the connection time. This simple software is key when planning for a fully NDI powered facility.

Etere has specially designed the NDI monitoring software to reduce bandwidth use and ensure good user functionality, similar to that of traditional audio monitoring systems.

Aimed to accommodate the rising number of NDI powered broadcasters in the industry today, broadcasters can now use a fully integrated Etere Audio Monitoring system to guide their broadcasts. The software is able to accurately monitor audio channels from multiple software simultaneously, making it ideal for large broadcasters. The system is able to accurately identify all audio outputs from your NDI broadcast streams and has been designed using the latest in advanced audio analysis technology to create a wide and smooth frequency response curve with crisp highs and powerful deep bass.

The included preview window helps in making your audio monitoring easier to identify and manage. The compact interface helps to keep the monitoring process fuss free and straightforward. Sensitive audio bars indicate the exact volume levels of individual streams, that broadcasters can toggle through using the dedicated buttons.

The Etere Audio Monitoring is able to integrate with any Etere modules and most 3rd party software programs. Etere programs are all IP enabled, and are compatible with NDI output.