04/04/2012The great success of Etere in Brazil goes forward: MultiRio upgrades to Etere

MERP & MTX: the newest way to organize a TV channel. Etere increases its presence in the Brazilian market with MultiRio

MultiRio - Municipal Multimedia Company - is a company of the City of Rio de Janeiro, bound to the Municipal Department of Education. The purpose of MultiRio is to develop cultural and educational actions directed to the City, the school, the teacher, the student and the family. Through its products and channels of communication, promotes the democratization of information and knowledge, the upgrading of professional education, the approximation and integration, and the population's access to cultural heritage of the city, establishing a dialogue continuous and consistent with the educators, students and society, the collective construction of knowledge and citizenship. MultiRio reaches its audience through a television, a radio, an internet portal with a web TV and the social network. The Etere’s challenge was to reorganize a completely digital system, fully integrated, cost efficient, user-friendly and able to save a lot of the storage space, allowing also all users to easily view and download all the multimedia materials in a simple and fast way. Etere system at MultiRio is based on the Etere MERP, the newest way that is revolutionizing the media management since this solution allows designing a completely reliable, tapeless, cost-effective, user-friendly, workflow-based solution. Etere has designed the MultiRio workflow with a fully integrated end-to-end solution which is convenient and scalable at the same time, including a digital archive solution for taking care of all workflow elements from ingest to broadcast automation. Finally, an Etere MAM Web interface guarantees a complete access to contents from both central and remote locations for real-time files management. Etere a consistent system!

MTX - Main View

MTX for Ingest & Playout

MultiRio’s video patrimony is very large and the entire ingest is performed using a MTX solution, a fully digital ingest/playout engine able to deliver the best video quality based on latest broadcast technology. MTX combines the flexibility, powerful, reliability and efficiency of Etere software solutions with Matrox's professional video technology. The playout has been entrusted to Etere Automation to broadcast MultiRio’s channel programming including secondary events as logos, crawls and audio/video router switching, through a fully redundant system.

Tapeless Reception Sent Asset

Tapeless & Transcoding

Etere Tapeless Reception is the suite provided to upload the contents coming into the archive from Final Cut Pro and other file-based sources, providing first proxy creation and on-demand file format (MXF IMX, HD, Mpeg2, etc.) and video standard conversion (PAL, NTSC) thanks to Etere Hi-Res Transcoder.
Etere Media Manager provides the file transfer between MTX, NLE and the disk-based DDN archive, where all files are stored to be subsequently retrieved when requested for specific purposes.

HSM Archive

Archive & Quality Control

Etere HSM manages the long-term archive allowing automatic archiving and restoring of content on LTO-5 digital tape drives. Thanks to Etere, all clips must pass a Quality Control in order to be approved before they can be inserted in the playlist, the automatic QC is managed by Etere CMS which runs the first automatic screening thus alerting operators if a second manual screening is required.


Controlled Devices

Across the entire MultiRio’s installation, Etere has been installed on 30 workstations controlling the following devices:
• 3 MTX with Matrox Xmio2 /8000 (1 ingest 4 in/1 out and 2 playout 1 in/2 out )
• Miranda presStation
• Miranda Imagestore modular
• Miranda Router CR0808-HD