EA1306 Etere Driver License

15 May 2020

Etere interfaces the devices and systems most widely-used in broadcast facilities and post-production.

Etere eliminates technical barriers and provides the ability to interface and drive a long list of devices and systems through individual Driver Licenses related to specific components.

Driver Licenses allow users to optimize their equipment to provide the best performance according to their business requirements. Etere's tight integration with a host of drivers allow users to use the features directly from Etere modules. For instance, users are able to command video servers from Etere Automation, to control robotic libraries from Etere HSM, to switch master routers, to trigger GPI boards and so much more.

Specific Licensees
Etere understands that every equipment has its own characteristics and thus, it provides a specific Driver License for every one of them. Each driver has different interface specifications which are tagged to the capabilities of the managed devices.

Supported Devices
For a complete reference list of all hardware supported by the Etere's latest released version please refer to the document: Supported Devices.

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