18 May 2020

Etere Shopping Cart is a business intelligence software solution that enables you to plan task distribution among your team, reduce operating costs and optimise your resources.

Etere Shopping Cart empowers you to manage your media operations from a web interface. Integrated with Etere database, shopping cart allows you to plan your resources, distribute and assign tasks effectively. With Etere Shopping Cart, you can configure service requests for workflow tasks, assign resources and essentially place an "order" for what needs to be done. With a simple log in, you can manage your operations on any internet browser. Etere Shopping Cart gives you full visibility and control of your media operations including resource configuration and media management workflows. It is easy to drive your workflows even while on the move!

Additionally, it is integrated with the Reports feature on EtereWeb to give you business intelligence insights that will help you to make strategic decisions to drive your business forward. Designed with a user-friendly interface, Etere Shopping Cart provides automation control that enhances accuracy through real-time updates and seamless integration with your system. Designed to simplify complex processes, the shopping cart also allow you to manage batch requests and recurring bookings. Once a ticket has been submitted, it is automatically assigned a ticket number which you can use to track its progress.

Key Features
■ Reduces operating costs and eliminates manual tasks
■ Book resources and receive real-time updates
■ Centralised control of your business operations
■ Web interface allows you to manage your operations while on the move
■ Provides complete workflow visibility and control
■ Simple and user-friendly interface
■ Optimise resources and reduce operating costs
■ Integration with Reports provides business intelligence and financial data to help you to increase revenue
■ Achieve seamless exchange of information across all your workflows
■ Increase efficiency and maximise return on assets
■ Manage recurring bookings, batch requests and attach multiple assets to a ticket
■ Get more done at a lower cost

About EtereWeb
■ Support for major functions of desktop versions
■ View, modify and compare daily playlists in real time
■ Search, preview, edit, download and upload media files
■ Predefined post-upload and download workflows
■ Resources management for users and supervisors
■ Consultation of accurate as-run logs
■ Management of commercial orders and programming
■ Integration with major NLE (Avid, Adobe Premiere and Apple FCP)
■ Tablet-compatible web client for simple and fast access
■ Access to the Airsales system via EtereWeb ensures comprehensive access to your roaming sales force and complete access over the commercial planning system, thus enabling them to create contracts and reserve space remotely

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