11 June 2020

Etere is able to manage your end-to-end linear channel management including scheduling, secondary events, audience reports, rights and inventory management, program acquisition, finance and payments.

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Etere Broadcast Management System
A comprehensive and complete scheduling solution providing a range of program planning tools, customisable views and filters along with full rights, media and content validation.

Etere Promo Management
Etere provides an effective Promo Placement solution, a robust and integrated tool that able to effectively manage the entire promo activity including campaigns. Etere is the software that empowers media enterprises to maximize the use of their promotional inventory. Etere Promo Placement tracks the promo production lifecycle of the promos and enables integrated control in a single integrated environment.

Basic MAM
Etere basic MAM is a entry level MAM. It is included in every Etere system, and it offers a cost effective solution to organize your assets.

Etere Transcoder
The Etere Transcoder action is a robust transcoder that provides a flexible workflow action able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux and filter almost any media used in the broadcast industry.

Etere Data Mover
Etere Data Mover is a highly effective solution that manages the transfer, copy and movement of digital content from one level to another based on customisable workflow rules.

Etere F90
Etere F90 provides a more efficient connection between two different systems and guarantees the maximum accuracy in the process of exporting or importing information through a fully automated, paperless data flow application. The benefits of the automation of this process are evident, as human mistakes which could cause the interruption of the work processes are completely avoided.

Etere Tapeless Reception
Etere Tapeless Reception eliminates the need to create physical copies, entrust valuable material to private couriers and risk excessive waiting times, through an efficient and secure solution for the automatic transfer of any digital content.

Etere Executive scheduling
Etere Executive Scheduling is the complete planning solution that significantly boosts the efficiency of your short and long-term playlists. Etere Scheduling is part of Etere Ecosystem, the integrated enterprise framework that makes planned schedules aware of licensed content, contractual commercials, missing material, imported material and regional ad insertions.