19 June 2020

In the fast-evolving and globalizing media market, an effective and reliable VOD solution can help you to optimize resources and plan scheduling strategies that work best for your business. Etere VOD management enables you to maximize investment returns and streamline your VOD workflows.

Etere VOD Management streamlines your business processes and integrates tasks and functions across different departments. You can manage the end-to-end media lifecycle from a single interface, including purchase orders, contracts, inventory, reruns, series, movies, rights management, finance, multi-channel management, promo management, easy program scheduling, and adjustments, VOD calendar, revenue reports and scheduling rules. It automates the information exchange across channels and enables you to gain real-time access to inventory information. Etere VOD Management breaks down communication barriers and connects your entire Video-on-Demand workflow.

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) provides broadcasters with a more efficient solution to upload, manage, modify and distribute videos to multiple VOD platforms from a single interface. Driven by a centralized database that makes uploading, managing, and distributing videos straightforward, Etere redefines a new level of efficiency with its application and web-based tools that allow broadcasters to drive their VOD workflows from any location, even while on the move. Etere streamlines content preparation and simplify the handling of multi-language content distribution for linear and nonlinear assets. As a result, production capabilities are maximized, operations are simplified, and costs are kept down. Etere MAM integrates the software tools needed to streamline the complete VOD content management. With the robust Etere T-workflow design tool and workflow monitor, broadcasters can design, automate and monitor workflows in real-time. Furthermore, with the integrated Etere Resource Manager, you can generate orders, track tasks, and monitor expenses and resources without switching screens. What makes the results so compelling is the real-time updates allowing task statuses and processes to be reflected.

Plan your VOD Schedules and Optimize your Content Lifecycle Across VOD Channels
Etere streamlines the multi-platform delivery of assets through different orders. Plan your VOD calendar to ensure maximized returns. From Etere Broadcast Management System (BMS) interface, you can schedule your content automatically on the VOD platform of your choice according to the licensing rights, scheduling rules, and content restrictions. Alternatively, you may publish the content manually with rights verification checks. Etere BMS ensures fast and accurate scheduling and adjustments to single movies and multiple TV series. In addition, the VOD calendar management allows you to plan your schedule to optimize resources and minimize revenue.

Generate MPEG Dash Files and Manifest
Etere automatically generates MPEG Dash Files and Manifest. The dash manifest breaks all the content of a file into a sequence of small segments served over HTTP. It contains all the information necessary to download and present content.

Web Management Across Multiple Devices
Etere integrated Video-On-Demand (VOD) management on Etereweb enables you to organize, manage and deliver your nonlinear content from the web. It supports multiple mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. With a secured login on EtereWeb, you can manage your VOD contracts, content delivery, and licenses in real time and from wherever you are. Etere supports various VOD delivery platforms, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. Etere Video On Demand management is designed to empower you with an all-in-one integrated and flexible VOD planning module. The VOD management feature integrates your media library, broadcast management system, media asset management, and scheduling systems. In addition, you can manage the licensee, contract expiry, and payment management of your nonlinear content from the same interface.

VOD Storage Management
Etere's integrative database ensures that all information is saved and shared in real-time across systems. It provides centralized monitoring and management of all system processes. Additionally, Etere also supports cloud storage solutions and content delivery networks.

Secured File Deliveries with Encryption
Etere secures your files with integrated encryption before delivery to VOD platforms, preventing unauthorized access, piracy, hacking and cyber attacks. The encryption masks data so that only authorized users can decrypt and access the files. Different keys are used to allow different class of services including SD, HD and 4K.

Managing Digital Rights Management (DRM)
DRM works by encrypting the content so that it cannot be read without a decryption key provided by a third-party DRM platform that includes license servers. When a user tries to play a video, the video player requests a key from a license server. The server determines whether the user and device are authorized before issuing a license response with a decryption key. The player can then decrypt and playback the content for the user. Etere features full compatibility with all the major DRM systems in the market, including Google, Apple, and Mircosoft. Etere is a one-stop solution for all your VOD requirements!

Integrated QC and Transcoding Processes
Etere ensures that content meets the highest standards before being delivered for every file. It integrates automatic quality checks and can detect audio and video issues, including freeze frames, scene changes, audio loss, and black frames. Furthermore, Etere also integrates transcoding capabilities to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, and filter media files to match your content delivery requirements.

Integrated and Unlimited File Encoding
Etere integrates software-based file encoding for a professional and cost-efficient exchange of metadata and content. With support for all commonly used formats, users can select the input and output sources they need. Etere prepares your media files for distribution with multi-bit-rate encoding capabilities of up to full HD for content viewing on all platforms and devices, including computers, tablets, and mobile.

MD5 Checksum for Unlimited File Deliveries
Etere features unlimited MD5 checksum for file movements and archival retrievals, ensuring that data is protected against unintentional corruption even after moving from one location to another. The MD5 checksum is one of the most commonly used signature methods that provide the wrapper is free from errors, and the file does not change even after thousands of movements and archival retrievals.

VOD Revenue Reports
Generate VOD revenue reports to gain insights on enhancing your VOD content delivery to maximize revenue and get the best returns on your investments. The integrated reporting feature also allows users to generate reports providing essential insights into their salesforce and account management. The information can be generated on-demand or exported for sharing, providing crucial insights into your commercial management. Etere gives you the knowlege to adapt your VOD campaigns faster and more accurately to changing market demands.

Rich Metadata with Customizable Data Sets
Etere allows you to insert a wide range of metadata for your assets, including customizable Flexi metadata. The complete metadata management unlocks opportunities to search for, repurpose, share and distribute assets. Metadata can include a wide variety of information across categories, including loudness, duration, format version, and stream size. Etere's rich metadata structures enable faster and more comprehensive analytics to uncover opportunities and improve decision-making on asset repurposing. Additionally, with the rich metadata sets, the content discovery process for viewers is enhanced, allowing viewers to discover content quickly.

Streamline File Versioning with Automated Workflows
Etere empowers users with intelligent automation tools to automate the creation and saving of asset versioning. Using Etere T-Workflow, a new version of an asset is created with the same data but with a different ID code. Etere MAM empowers broadcasters with the technological tools to enhance productivity while reducing costs at the same time.

HLS and MPG Dash Manifest
Etere supports HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) deliveries, a standard for adaptive streaming over HTTP.

Deliver Video, Images, and Trailers
Besides having good content discoverability, trailers play an essential role in generating interest amongst potential audiences. Trailers are precise cuts of videos created to captivate audiences and improve viewing rates for a program. Etere is capable of developing, managing, and delivering compelling trailers for VOD content. Operators can also insert trailer images to improve their promotional campaigns. Etere provides the most efficient software tools so that you can focus on creating and distributing compelling content.

Integrated Invoicing after Delivery
From a centralized database, Etere users can generate charges, including Accounts Executive commission, dubbing, production, and discounts on demand. Additionally, Etere provides better versatility and usability, including features such as alterations and variations of payment models, enabling the station to adapt its VOD campaigns more quickly and accurately to market demands.

From a centralized database, Etere manages your VOD orders and pre-order invoicing, enabling a more efficient process that adapts to dynamically changing conditions, including alterations and variations of payment models for contractual events.

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