06 January 2021

EA3245 is the user licence to access Etere Web. Etere Web can only be accessed through an authenticated login. With the floating licence, a limited number of licenses can be shared among a larger number of users. Etere Web lets you drive your workflows even while on the move!

Etere Web releases a new licensing scheme that allows a more flexible licensing approach where a limited number of licenses can be shared among a larger group of users as the license is not tied to the username. For example, with 10 licenses, 10 users can log in to Etere Web concurrently, however, the license can also be shared among a larger group of users who log in at different timings. Etere is scalable to the needs of your organisation and you can add as many licenses as you need as your requirements expand.

Etere Web is an extension of the Etere software application and it offers a mobile platform to access the system. Access to Etere Web is via a secured login which is unique to each user account. The seamless integration with Active Directory allows a flexible customisation of user access rights for each account according to job roles, stations and user groups.

Etere Web integrates the latest streaming technologies. The web platform makes content and tools easily accessible from any location. Furthermore, the multiplatform support on smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops paves the way for better collaborations between teams and an enhanced user experience. Tapping on the centralised database for Etere applications, Etere provides real-time updates, connects teams and allows users to drive their workflows anytime, anywhere. It features all the core capabilities of the Etere software application and takes business continuity to the next level.

Key Features of Etere Web
■ View, modify and compare daily playlists in real time
■ Search, preview, edit, download and upload media files
■ Predefined post-upload and download workflows
■ Resources management for users and supervisors
■ Management of commercial orders and programming
■ Integration with major NLE (Avid, Adobe Premiere and Apple FCP)
■ Access to the Airsales system via Etere Web ensures complete access to your roaming sales force and the commercial planning system. Creating contracts and reservations is easy on any device

Customisable User Rights
Etere Web allows companies to customise the web permissions for each user or user group, making it easy to assign rights by web group, stations and job roles. User rights are integrated in the Active Directory for a streamlined management of user permissions.

Real-time Updates and Tracking
Etere Web allows you to access all your assets and data even while on the move. Users can monitor in real-time the progress of each workflow step. Furthermore, managers can assign, track and manage tasks with live status updates. Staying connected has never been easier.

Automated Workflows
From a centralised database, workflows are created, launched, tracked and updated automatically. The customisable workflow tool minimises manual tasks and you get more time to work on the things that matter most to you. Design the broadcasting rules the way you want and get data delivered to where you want with just a few clicks. The workflow tool allows you to plan and configure unlimited workflows to automatically perform tasks including transcoding, scheduled ingest, quality checks, move to archive, data transfers and more. To add on, the T-workflow monitor provides a quick overview of all workflows . The fast and easy navigation allows you to drive your workflows even while on the move. Get the business visibility you need, all on a single GUI.

Preview, Play and Manage
With the embedded Etere Player, Etere Web allows you to search, browse and preview media assets on the device of your choice. The media player is enriched with playback controls including subtitles, audio tracks and EDL tracks. In addition, users can manage quick edits such as video cuts and creation of segments.

Business Intelligence and Operational Insights Reports On Demand
Etere Web features multiple reports generation on demand to provide valuable insights on your business operations. You can save or download the reports for each module or even create customised ones.

Metadata Enhancement
From series to episodes, Etere MAM manages it all. From both the PC and web interface, users can add flexi-metadata to their media assets and easily establish links between assets. The easy content management simplifies the re-purposing of media assets and enhances the value of your media assets.

Data Security and Secured Access from any location
Etere Web provides secured access for all users including secured Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connections, SSL encryption and customisable user-level access for protected media. Etere keeps your data and media assets secured.

Etere Ecosystem Integration
Etere Web is seamlessly integrated with Etere Ecosystem including Airsales, HSM archive, Media Asset Management, Automation, Broadcast Management System, Memory and Resource Management. The easy usability of Etere solutions ensures your business continuity beyond the confinements of the studio.

Etere VOD Management
Etere integrated Video-On-Demand (VOD) management on Etere Web enables you to organise, manage and deliver your non-linear content from the web. With a secured log in on Etere Web, you can manage your VOD contracts, content delivery and licenses in real-time and from wherever you are. Etere supports a wide variety of VOD delivery platforms including Amazon Prime, Netflix and more.

Shopping Cart for all that needs to be done
Integrated with Etere database, shopping cart allows you to plan your resources, distribute and assign tasks effectively. With Etere Shopping Cart, you can configure service requests for workflow tasks, assign resources and essentially place an "order" for what needs to be done.

The Agenda
The agenda feature ensures you will never miss an appointment or task. It is a part of the Etere MAM that allows users to manage, assign and monitor tasks and appointments in real-time. From Etere Web, users can view their personal calendar and task list once they are logged in. Tasks can be assigned to a group or to individuals. Once a task has been modified, its status will be updated in real-time. After a task has been completed, it can be forwarded for approvals easily using Etere Workflow tool. The smart automation tools help you to stay organised and on top of your game.

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