SQL SERVER: Average Execution Times

06 August 2015

The average execution time of a particular database operation is an important reference for evaluating and understanding the performance and response to be expected when executing said database operation (e.g. search an asset):

This document is aimed to provide information on the average time required by an Etere system to execute a database query (e.g. asset search); all calculations have been performed under the following SQL Server configuration:

Average Times
Here below are illustrated the results of tests performed in Etere labs, providing a reference time for the performance of the following search (according to the previous specifications):

Search Information
Database Table: dbo.Filmati
Total records: 600’000
Enabled Filters: Type, Title

Single Search -PC1:
Average Response Time: 12.59 s
Average CPU Time: 19.80 s

Concurrent Search -PC1
Average Response Time: 29.44 s
Average CPU Time: 35.18 s

Concurrent Search -PC2
Average Response Time: 28.45 s
Average CPU Time: 23.79 s

Concurrent Search -PC3
Average Response Time: 30.29 s
Average CPU Time: 33.77 s

■ Response Time: Amount of time elapsed before giving a result to the user
■ CPU Time: Amount of time spent by the server running the query

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