09 July 2021

Etere Story Creator provides publishers with a flexible and reliable tool to compile video with audio to create a story. Etere T-Workflow can be launched to create a final video file, ready for publishing in minutes.

Relevancy is key for content publishers and speed can make the difference. Etere Story Creator empowers you with the software tools to merge audio-video files and publish Hi-res videos from a single interface. Easy creation and collaboration tools for your editorial team allow journalists to deliver breaking news to audiences without dependency on video editors. Not only that, you can create promo videos and trailers easily with few simple steps.

The user-friendly interface connects seamlessly with your media library, allowing you to easily search and insert the footages to complete your story. With a simple drag-and-drop, media files can be inserted in the story playlist and previewed directly from the same interface. Quick edits can be made directly from the segments list with its distinctive video and audio sequences. Additionally, you can adjust or normalize audio levels instantly or even record the audio and store it in a pre-defined folder.

Before publishing, package your video by configuring the codecs, format conversions, subtitles and file conforming parameters. Once the story is ready, a pre-defined Etere T-Workflow can be launched to create a final video file, ready for publishing in minutes. Reach out to users on multiple channels and platforms. With Etere Story Creator, you can be the first in the race to break the news that matter.

Key Features
■ Real-time connectivity with media library for a quick search and insertion of files
■ User-friendly interface for the mixing of audio-video segments to create a story
■ Supports Hi-res videos
■ Great for trailers, promos and news stories
■ On-demand preview of segments from the same interface
■ Easy insertions and removals of segments before publishing
■ Story playlist section for a quick editing of sequences
■ Dubbing of video content
■ Live audio over video
■ Adjust or normalize audio levels
■ Audio extraction
■ Select language and enable subtitles
■ Integrated Etere Transcoder provides all major format conversions required in production, post-production, broadcast and distribution environments
■ Get your video ready in minutes with Etere T-workflow automated processing