Etere Software Support Contract (EA1553)

01 January 2023

The terms and conditions defined in Etere's Software Support Contract (EA1553) govern the use of Etere Support Services.

*Etere will update its price list for CAPEX, SaaS, and Support for an average value of 10%, effective 1st January 2023.

1. Etere offers its customers a one-day free update/training course yearly, to be held on Etere premises, to provide a complete understanding of the system and the solutions to basic operations. The course aims to help the customer to ask technical questions adequately and thus receive the correct answers, saving them time and money. The customer, or who will attend the course on their behalf, will be Etere's reference contact so that we can work closely with the customer's needs.

2. After consulting our website on the Internet, the customer may contact Etere and ask any questions about the Etere software program and receive an answer.

3. Any inquiries must be made either on:
the customer portal of
•via phone (+65 69504194 / +3907339564 if calling from Italy)
•Skype (etere.etere).
Keep in mind that Etere will reply to questions within 3 hours if the problem is submitted using the customer portal or in 6 hours through the other mediums.

4. Etere is committed to providing a professional and quality support service to resolve operational issues, suggest a temporary workaround (if available and appropriate) and report any potential bug to whom it may concern for a fix.

5. Also, Etere will provide remote support accessing the customer computers directly at no extra charge. This service is possible only if there is a direct connection between the support team computers and the customer computer. Cascade connection or any other non-direct accesses are not supported. The support team reserves the right to deny remote support if the connection is not direct or it's too slow to be used.

6.Etere software support is supplied 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

7. Etere software support is only supplied on the latest updated version (available for free on our website to all customers who have subscribed to the support contract). If an update has to be made on the latest released version or the customer cannot download the updated version from the internet website, Etere, on request and by pre-payment of the service, will send the software by courier.

8. Etere is not held responsible for any damages or damages caused due to loss of data, either by phone contact, IP/VPN connection or by an on-site technician. The customer must make backup copies before asking for help from Etere's support.

9. Etere only provides support related to its own products. Problems related to third-party software and its compatibility must be presented to the support of the third-party software.

10. Etere only supplies support regarding platforms and operating systems recognised and authorised by Etere. An updated list is available on the website,

11. Support service is provided only to resolve problems and rebuild the initial state. The new configuration, extension or new workflows are not included in the support contract and must be purchased separately.

12. The Etere software support service cannot be sold separately; instead, it's sold as a package on all modules bought by the customer.

13. If the customer doesn't renew the Etere software support contract, Etere may reactivate the support service only once the customer has settled the outstanding bill to cover the Software upgrades and updates that clients are entitled to download with an active support contract. Software upgrades and updates cannot be deducted from the Etere support service contract.

14.Etere software support is only available to customers who are up-to-date with the annual fee and do not have debit towards Etere. Etere will suspend the service immediately each time there is a missed payment. We will reactivate the service the following day once payment has been received.

15.The Etere software support contract is 12 months, otherwise noted.

16.The customer can renew the Etere software support contract. Within 30 days before the expiry date, Etere will inform the customer of any variations to the contract for the following period.

17.In case of any controversy, the court of competent jurisdiction is that of Singapore.

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