21 October 2022

Adapted for both Apple and Android, the Etere Nunzio Newsroom Mobile makes work easier, using Mobile or Tablets.

Take your work with you on the go with Nunzio Newsroom Mobile. Edit, and manage your work from your smartphone, and send it directly, no matter where you are.

Nuzio Newsroom has been optimized for mobile for the on-the-go reporter. The Nunzio Newsroom Mobile mobile interface provides a user-friendly experience across multiple platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Alongside the rich widget set, integrative framework and fast performance, news creators are equipped with all the tools they need to prepare a good story on the go. With Nunzio Newsroom Mobile, users can work from any location as long as they are connected to the internet.

The mobile-optimised interface allows users to access core features quickly to meet the demands of fast-paced news operations. All users of the Nunzio Newsroom Mobile access the platform with a secured log in. Once logged in, users can select any task and perform changes including prepare, check and approve stories. The agenda feature allows users to manage their day-to-day activities with the creation of tasks and appointments. At any point of time, users are able to create/edit news stories, description, start date, due date and priority of tasks.

Nunzio Newsroom Mobile enables you to develop a story from the initial idea to broadcast. After all, if your news is on the move, why shouldn't you be as well?
Real-Time Updates: Stay connected with the team on the move with Etere's real-time tracking and updates. With Etere, you can work faster and focus on producing compelling content while we manage the rest
Team Collaborations: From journalists to editors, Etere Nunzio application instantly displays all agenda and tasks of the team. With the roles and rights configured, authorised users can preview, assign, approve and edit tasks of team members
Intuitive User Interface: Optimised for mobile phones and tablets with larger navigation buttons, reformatted content and optimized images, all for an exceptional user experience for the busy journalist on the move
Faster and Easier: Applications are usually 1.5 times faster than mobile websites as it stores data locally on the device. With faster performance and easy connectivity, users are able to increase operational efficiency and use smart technology to their advantage
■ Upload video files on Nunzio mobile app
■ Supports E-paper and website upload
■ Add/update playlists from social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube directly from Nunzio interface
■ Real-time updates
■ Flexible and scalable production workflow
■ Fully configurable data model
■ Sophisticated rights, search and communication tools
■ News tickers to create custom carousels
■ Real time updates
■ Manage team agenda and tasks
■ Intuitive user interface
■ Fast processing speed

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