Video on Etere Advanced QC

02 November 2022

Etere Advanced QC is a web-based video quality check software built with power-packed features to streamline QC analysis configuration and avoid inaccurate and time-consuming checks.

Key Features
■ Straight-forward API for seamless integration in third party applications
■ Clustering and modular architecture, easy load balancing
■ Support for most standard formats including HEVC for compressed 4K content
■ Audio loudness analysis including EBU R128
■ Syntax error detection
■ Access to networked content repositories
■ In-depth analysis of contents with frame/waveform detailed view
■ Reporting of time codes and frame references
■ UNICODE support for extended character sets
■ One-time analysis that can be configured with multiple threshold changes
■ Effective load balancing capabilities
■ Distributed architecture provides high redundancy
■ Fault tolerant & fault resilient
■ Analyse up to 4 files at the same time with the basic licence
■ Fully workflow driven
■ QC results integrated in Etere database