Video on BMS

18 November 2022

Designed to be scalable, robust, and secure, Etere BMS has evolved to provide the most powerful integrated suite of content management modules available. Etere BMS provides an all-in-one solution with program acquisition planning, content monitoring, and inventory using Etere Media Asset Management.

Key Features
■ Central tracking of rights consumption and distribution
■ Long-form and short-form rights for multi-platform services
■ Real-time reporting of rights situation and payments
■ Detailed rights management on territory and media diffusion
■ Versatile amortization templates to manage program payment
■ Transparent and powerful inventory management
■ Manage licensed television programs (both single programs and series programs), including their planning, rights management, and scheduling
■ Reliable way of managing one of the most delicate parts of the broadcasting business
■ Organised structure streamlines workflow and increases efficiency