Video on Etere Automation

18 November 2022

Etere Automation is a powerful, reliable and modular playout automation system that is able to enhance broadcasters' potential in terms of functionalities and workflow design. Its unique approach combines real-time device control and media asset management in a single product, offering a powerful mix of solutions and capabilities.

Key Features
■ Integrated environment with a user-friendly interface
■ Ingest system, common with Etere Media Asset Management (MAM), can be used for both archive and playout
■ Start and end points on videos are stored in the system database
■ Supports SD, HD and 4K
■ Single segment, multi segment and multi spot are managed as a same database object
■ Barcodes can be printed on catalogue tapes
■ Ingest jobs can be automated to minimize operator work
■ Live recordings are also supported and these can be manually triggered or pre-scheduled
■ Play while recording is supported on every device
■ Etere Automation runs independently from the Etere' SQL Server, ensuring a truly fault-tolerant and resilient performance
■ Etere Automation is able to offer different levels of fault tolerance, with Backup Mode, Master/Clone Mode, and Disaster Recovery Mode with a distributed architecture that provides full redundancy
■ Seamless workflows with Etere ETX, Etere Scheduling and Etere Automation for real time content delivery