12/12/2012Etere for Sitcom

Etere MERP platform improves Sitcom productivity through a truly integrated enterprise software solution & flexible workflows drawn by the users

Sitcom has chosen Etere MERP as the end-to-end asset management platform for all content related to its archive and the playout of six TV channels (Marco Polo, Alice, Nuvolari, Leonardo, Arturo and LTTV vetrina). Etere Automation manages the playout of the main and secondary events for the six channels main chain while Etere Backup OneToMany ensures the continuity of broadcasting in case of emergency, including the secondary events. Etere seamlessly integrate customer's devices, among which Nexio servers - Probell audio/video router - Miranda ImageStore, Miranda PresMaster and a nearline storage, to leverage the maximum of their functionality.
As mentioned above Etere manages the complete subset of secondary events like logos and graphic effects, audio/video switching, master control effects and DSK. Contents are acquired by Sitcom both as file and video and Etere helps Sitcom in their cataloguing through the complete asset management solution included in any Etere installation as standard feature. Etere Tapeless Reception is the most efficient and secure web-based solution for the automatic transfer of digital content to playout using the latest streaming technologies for video distribution. It allows to receive file-based contents and related metadata, either from external or internal providers (e.g. advertising agencies, production houses, NLE operators, journalists, etc.), through fully monitored workflows, optimizing the overall efficiency while reducing the time. For the contents that come with the traditional supports, Etere Ingest provides a wide range of media ingest tools from any source, either manually or automatically. Content files are moved automatically by Etere Data Mover among several devices (video servers, external storages, etc.), based on the actions defined by the customer in the workflows going beyond the simple file copy concept and offering a full track of the operations and their status. In this way Etere ensures the customer to have the correct media on time, whenever and wherever it's needed. Etere Airsales is the core for the orders management and the advanced advertising planning system while Etere BMS is for the easy long-term planning of series and programs. Etere Executive Editor is the integrated tool that allows operators to create, check and publish frame-accurate playlists for main and secondary events with helpful integrated features (HiRes and proxy preview, automation control, commercial crowding analisys, etc.). “Thanks to Etere, Sitcom manages 5 TV channels including acquisition, scheduling, traffic, automation, media management, tapeless reception of content and the archive access via web interface" said Mr. Riccardo Papi, Media Director of Sitcom, “more than 160,000 assets are inside Etere's database so far, all of them accessible and available also through the web interface. Some contents are no longer used for broadcast, as they are, but represent a great value for Sitcom because can be retrieved any time for new productions, for distribution on other platforms and part of our history. All of this is possible thanks to Etere MERP that provides us a comprehensive and flexible solution”. Etere MERP platform boosts the efficiency of the workflows also helping different departments of the company, earlier disconnected, to work in sync through the optimization and sharing of resources and information, improving the productivity while reducing costs. Etere is a consistent system !


Sitcom SpA group has established itself over the years to become one of the first independent Italian editorial groups specialized in production and realization of thematic content. Besides its television operations, the Group has also a section dedicated to traditional publishing including magazines and books.