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  • MTV extends to creative area


    Creative Area is the last project implemented by Etere for MTV Italia, it is a tailored web service designed to increase the capability of MTV’s media management through the use of a web interface to allow both local and remote management of assets, including insertion of metadata, access to previews, upload of a wide range of files, programming of promos, etc.

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  • Etere for MTV PULSE


    MTV Pulse is a new pay channel produced by MTV Italy. MTV Pulse uses Etere MAM to manage and deliver large volume of video clips.

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  • Etere for MTV GOLD


    Etere strikes gold with MTV’s new satellite channel.

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  • Etere for ALICE LIVE on air


    MTV Italy and TELECOM Italy have chosen again Etere’s facilities to improve their Alice Live.

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  • MTV ITALY FROM 2002 TO 2006


    MTV choose again Etere to organize its facility in Milano

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