Etere for MTV GOLD

Etere for MTV GOLD

21 April 2008

Etere strikes gold with MTV’s new satellite channel

MTV Gold is a new satellite channel produced by MTV Italy in collaboration with MTV Networks Europe. The channel, which started transmission the 1st October 2007, hosts music from the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. MTV Gold’s target is the general public ranging from 25 to 45 years old.
“MTV relies upon Etere software for its excellent performance and efficiency. This has meant a beneficial simplification of operations, and what’s more the Etere system has made the addition of extra channels easier” says Giuseppe Rolla. “The new channel, MTV Gold, has been entrusted to this software in terms of functions to manage archives in a single integrated environment.”

The new channel uses Etere MAM to manage and deliver a huge amount of video assets. It shares the digital music libraries of MTV. The archive is also composed of both disk and data tapes. The software has been integrated with an editing system.
Together with its software solution, Etere controls the following devices:
• Videoserver Seachange BMC800 five nodes
• Logo Generator Evertz
• Pinnacle Dekocast
• PESA Router
The system is integrated with the MTV archive that includes 30 Tb of hard drive plus a LTO library SL500 for long term. Also the system has a web interface for remote control and low resolution browsing system. Playlist upload-download is using the Etere F90 intelligent import-export system; this integrates the channel in all MTV worldwide environments.

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