Etere Releases Loudness Control Plugin for its Hi-Res Transcoder!

Etere Releases Loudness Control Plugin for its Hi-Res Transcoder!

23 July 2014

A new plugin based on MERP Cloud provides integrated, flexible and reliable loudness compliance for any media.

ETERE is pleased to announce the release of Loudness Control, the plugin that greatly enhances the capabilities of ETERE Hi-Res Transcoder and enable broadcasters, production houses and media companies to automatically measure and adjust the audio loudness of their media content.

With the Loudness Control plug-in, ETERE Hi-Res Transcoder will be able to measure and adjust the loudness of any PCM configuration, allowing users in broadcast, production and delivery to automatically prepare elements for any purpose following the audio-specific aspects of their workflows.

Following the requirements of the Etere Hi-Res Transcoder, the Loudness Control runs on any standard Windows computer and leverages the benefits of a multiple parallel processing.

Get a complete and adaptable solution to measure and maintain loudness thanks to the following capabilities:
■ Automate the process of insuring loudness compliance.
■ Compliant with major standards (e.g. ITU-R BS.1770-2, EBU R128 and ATSC A/85).
■ Constrain costs with always upgraded software.
■ Reduce manual intervention on Delivery and QC.
■ Extract and rewrap containerized audio essence.
■ Target values can be set for all adjustment parameters.
■ Mono, stereo and multichannel PCM (up to 8 channels).
■ Check Programme Loudness, Loudness Range, Maximum True Peak Level, Average Loudness ITU, Momentary Loudness and Short Term Loudness.

Last but not least,as usual for the MERP Cloud suite the Loudness Control plugin provides the flexibility and scalability necessary to perfectly manage the loudness of media stored in the ETERE cloud-storage, using smooth and intelligent workflows to dramatically improve efficiency by automating operations, managing resources and sharing information.