Etere 18 includes virtual Asset

Etere 18 includes virtual Asset

21 February 2008

ETERE announces a new function: the virtual asset

Etere is pleased to announce that the new version of Etere 18 has been released with an important function.

Etere MAM has always allowed you to define one or more edls (edit decision lists) to cut the asset video in different versions. But as from now, all the versions can be composed of segments of the same asset.
Now a new asset can be created as a combination of segments of other assets, and this virtual asset can be used as a standard one.
The purpose of this function is mainly to create credits and title replacement for movies, or to resegment TV series or soap operas to create a different episode length, as well as many others.
“This function represents a significant step forward in the management, manipulation and control of digital media assets. Moreover, it is a proof of the modular architecture of our software” says Fabio Gattari, Asia Pacific Sales.
“Our mission is to increase the operating efficiencies of our clients, and Etere system fits right into that with its modularity and flexibility” continues Fabio Gattari, “Etere software is a product our clients know they can rely on from a company with great support.”

Etere is a client oriented company, offering solutions that help the client to enhance productivity. The software is continuously improved by adding new functions and features.

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