Commercial Sales & Rights Management

02 October 2009

The comprehensive Traffic, Billing and Rights management system which permits you to maximize the efficiency and revenues of your commercial activity

Etere, in addition to controlling their content management systems, also brings to its customers the possibility of streamline their entire commercial operations, by improving their orders from their proposals, scheduling and rights management to their invoicing, giving stations a clear visibility of their entire workflow while maximizing their profitability.

Etere Airsales allows to manage sold and bought assets respectively, are fully integrated with all the rest of applications included in an Etere system such as asset management, ingest, scheduling and automation, forming all of them the most complete broadcast system on the market, which interoperable and unified management permits you to significantly increase your efficiency and revenue.
Etere Airsales is a module dedicated to the commissioning and planning of broadcast commercial activity, this versatile and efficient tool ensures that your commercial orders will be generated and managed professionally and efficiently, maximizing in this way the productivity and air time planning.

Etere Airsales will streamline your overall commercial management under a perspective based on commercial orders; the use of this approach will give you a centralized control that will include the following aspects:
■ Contract compilation supporting budgets, revenue and rating,
■ Speed-up of contract entry and invoicing processes,
■ A commercial contract supports unlimited contract lines,
■ Automatic booking, scheduling and reconciliation of contractual assets,
■ Planning interface with drag & drop and visual calendar capabilities,
■ A wide range of real-time reports and digital management of documents,
■ Possibility to perform last minute changes,
■ Local and remote accessibility with custom security policies.

Etere Airsales is a invaluable tool specifically oriented to the management of licensing rights, it provides full monitoring of rights status of individual and associated assets, giving you total control over the rights management process through the definition of licensing contracts referred to specific assets such in a way that they will be treated differently from normal assets, that is, taking account of its contractual limitations.

Etere Airsales will help you to achieve the top of efficiency, through eh use of a complete set of modular applications able to manage your assets from acquisition to reservation, from scheduling to billing, allowing you to achieve the following benefits:
■ Assignment of on-air space based on budgets, revenue and rating,
■ Use of series orders to improve your rights inventory,
■ Reliable control of rights during the scheduling process,
■ Support of single and multi-channel scheduling,
■ Full tracking and consultation of licensed assets,
■ Financial assets management and tracking,

Summarizing, Etere offers a complete solution able to completely guarantee in a very reliable way the management of one of the most delicate parts of the broadcasting business, the management of advertising commercials from their contractual scheduling to their invoicing.

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