Radio TV Link: ETERE Integrated captioning in MAM

Radio TV Link: ETERE Integrated captioning in MAM

17 February 2016

Etere Subtitles Tool is a robust, efficient and flexible system integrated into Etere MAM to help you tackling all your captioning and subtitling needs in one shot!

Etere is proud to announce the ultimate enhancement on its subtitles management capabilities,
an easy-to-use enterprise software designed to enable any broadcaster or media company to
freely produce their own subtitles (e.g. movies subtitles, news captions, etc.) with multi format
import and export.
Etere Subtitles Tool gives you the chance to migrate from your complex standalone captioning
system into a fully software based solution that use all the resources of MAM, able to simplify
your subtitles handling thanks to a key set of features that includes the following:

■ User-friendly interface to produce your own subtitles
■ Import and export subtitles in all major standard formats
■ Free speech-to-text and accurate spell-checking
■ Full support for Unicode characters
■ Simultaneous preview of multiple languages
■ Facilitated translation of subtitles between languages
■ Integrated workflow embedding of subtitles (VBI and VANC)
■ Automatic playout of subtitles from IT-based servers

With Etere Subtitles Tool you will eliminate the need to always handle several captioning files or burning captions into video, a centralized database storage will make your subtitles better
organized, more safer and immediately available for automated workflow tasks (e.g. playout,
delivery, etc.).
A seamless integration with Etere Workflow ensures full compliance with your subtitling
requirements, executing automatic workflow actions to make your subtitled media available in
the right place in the right format. Discover how easy can be to export your produced subtitles
as separate files, embed them as VBI/VANC data or even imprint them onto video, all this
based on an automatic workflow management!

The versatility of the Subtitle Tool enables you to work with industry's most widely used formats
such as Cavena, EBU , SAMI, PAC, Plain text, Plain text with timecode, XML, softini and
Structured files. Furthermore, as part of Etere MAM, the Subtitles Tool can be accessed from both a desktop
and a web-based interface, being the latter one crucial for remote users who need to deliver
subtitles in a secure way or to create them with a real-time database connection and using
almost the same tools available in the desktop interface.

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