tvOne-Indonesia upgrades to Etere

03 March 2010

tvOne-Indonesia chooses Etere and GALVA for their features and expertise in broadcast

Launched on February 2008 at East Jakarta, tvOne-Indonesia is one of the Indonesia’s largest private television networks, formerly known as Lativi (2002-2008), it is principally directed to A and B class with a programming composed by sport, news and entertainment contents which are transmitted both via cable and satellite television. Etere announced today that tvOne-Indonesia has selected Etere, and its Indonesian partner GALVA Technovision, to be the core solution to automate its workflow and streamline its entire media operations under a clustered Microsoft SQL Server environment. TvOne-Indonesia uses Etere Automation to send on air its programming including secondary events such as logos and transitions under a fully redundant approach, thus, Etere maintains the broadcast process intact by providing backup strategies for failures of any device within its control and by controlling redundant systems.

Etere Automation recognizes station-wide failures and transfers operations to redundant systems like:
√ A parallel clone automation to be used in case of failure on the main one, the clone is running as the main one,
√ Playout from two mirrored video servers to ensure the transmission in case of failure or maintenance at the main video server,
√ Additionally, Etere’s VTR Backup feature enables operators to easily transmit from a VTR in case a multiple fault occurs in both the automation and the video server. Etere NLE allows contents to be uploaded from the NLE system in various formats once uploaded Etere Workflow convert them to a format suitable for broadcast and then move them to the SeaChange video servers. An important aspect is the use of two SeaChange MSV-1000 video servers mirrored by Etere to bring a fully reliable ingest and playout. Etere Ingest is used to manually or automatically capture contents into the SeaChange servers, and Etere transcoding provides Proxy versions for browsing. The daily schedule transmitted by tvOne-Indonesia is prepared by using Etere Scheduling, the module that permits programming with frame-accuracy all those assets intended to be aired, while offering a comprehensive management of secondary events. The schedule system uses proxy for frame accurate preview.Moreover, Etere Media Manager connects the existing News system with the new playout. The two systems can share contents and Etere Media Manager duplicate the news server content for increased redundancy.

tvOne-Indonesia keeps track of its entire broadcasted programming by using Etere Memory, a legal recording system that brings the possibility of storing all transmitted contents within custom timeslots, and using a low resolution format (wmv) for their archiving. In order to correctly integrate all modules with the existing hardware and achieve a tight integrated environment, Etere interfaces the following broadcast equipment at tvOne-Indonesia:
• 10 Pc and servers with Etere software
• 2 Video Server SeaChange MSV1000,
• 1 Video Server Omneon Mediadeck,
• 1 Logo Generator / CG Titler,
• 1 Redundancy Switch Etere ET0558,
• 1 Gateway Zywall USG-300
• 2 Serial Hub Moxa N-Port 5600,
• 1 GPI USB Advantech 4761,
• 10 NLE system Final Cut Pro,
• 10 NLE systems Adobe Premiere.

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