Russia's RIA Novosti Upgrades to Etere Automation

Russia's RIA Novosti Upgrades to Etere Automation

19 May 2011

Etere provides a complete package required for the automation systems for Ria Novosti

RIA Novosti is Russia's leading news agency in terms of multimedia technologies, website audience reach and quoting by the Russian media. Integrated multimedia newsroom, vast network covering over 45 countries of the world and the Russian regions allow RIA Novosti to deliver news and information in all possible formats, including video, animated infographics and cartoons to professional clients and the end user in 14 languages.
RIA Novosti has proven expertise in creating tailored interactive news & information services for mobile operators and content providers. Day after day RIA Novosti combines media expertise with innovative technologies to effectively reach its audience of millions.
Ria Novosti chooses Etere Automation to broadcast their programming including secondary events such as logos, crawls, cg, router switching and master control transmittion. Etere Automation controls the playout of the same playlist (in sync) from 2 MediaDeck Omneon video servers. Etere use the low-res generation capability of the latest Omneon encoders.
Etere simplify the systems for the Ria Novosti operators giving a single and real-time encoding for both hi resolution and low resolution files. TV operators can create real-time both hi-res and low-res frame synchronized. The Omneon low-res is registered in Etere database and can be used immediately.

The trascoding and low-res generation is based on ETERE Hi-Res Transcoder, which allows converting from any to any; it includes all the file based managements as, audio normalization or video standard conversion. Ria Novosti choose Hi-Res Transcoder solution for a complete file-based process. Etere controls 2 Omneon MediaDeck. Over then 20 Workstation.
Etere a consistent system!

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