Etere Launches Live and Closed Caption Insertion

Etere Launches Live and Closed Caption Insertion

26 October 2016

Etere ETX, a tightly integrated channel-in-a-box with full IP in and out capabilities has been upgraded with a new feature for multi-languages closed and live caption insertions via ETX inserter.

Gear up to a whole new level of integration with Etere ETX 's subtitling feature that allows closed captions such as those of CEA 608, CEA 708, VANC for HD, line 21 (NTSC) and VBI (for SD) standards to be added directly to Etere ETX. These functions can be performed with a single command using Etere Workflow.

Closed Captioning
Etere ETX closed caption insertion empowers broadcasters with a shorter content distribution lifecycle and opportunities to expand content distribution to worldwide markets with its multi-language capabilities. More importantly, closed captions make television content more accessible to the hearing-impaired.

The closed caption insertion workflow starts with Etere Automation, a scalable, flexible and reliable solution that is capable of automating the playout system of media enterprises of any size. Media resources are taken from Etere database which stores the resources in the form of low resolution videos for subtitle preparation. Subsequently, the subtitles are extracted in Etere STMan. Etere STMan provides broadcasters with multi-layer and real-time management of secondary objects associated with scheduled events. ETX inserter imports from TXT files or the rundown, preloads the subtitle script and activates the script. Operators are able to preview the selected resources in hi-resolution, making it easy for them to monitor and verify captions to ensure compliance with closed captioning rules and quality laws across different countries.

Live Captioning
Broadcasters face challenging demands in providing live subtitling across multiple channels and platforms. Besides the high standards of accuracy and tight timelines, breaking news, over-running live shows and broadcasting regulations across different countries can lead to performance bottlenecks.

Etere solutions provide broadcasters with the best tools in a single platform to improve broadcast agility and subtitling accuracy across multiple channels. Operators are equipped with the flexibility of live captioning via typing, speaking (Microsoft Speak) and preload which can be connected from newsroom using MOS.

During a live program, live captions are inserted via ETX engine while Etere ETX time delay feature equips operators with full control and enables configurations according to the dynamic requirements of live programs, thus ensuring that subtitles are always in sync with the video.

Etere Player show subtitles from both files and subtitling system, it is the best tool to QC any workflow enabled file.

Etere Workflow
Etere systems are designed with a distributed architecture that provides a highly redundant, fault-tolerant and fault-resilient performance. Etere combines the effectiveness of faster workflows with the high reliability of Etere architecture. Etere workflow is able to extract closed caption from video file and store in Etere subtitling database.

A key element of Etere solutions is its customized and fully scalable workflows that help media enterprises to build a seamless network of real-time information exchange across distributed departments. With Etere integration, broadcasters will get more value than solo performances. Its real-time connectivity and seamless information sharing between distributed work environments and departments produces faster and more accurate content. It keeps all resources connected and ensures optimal quality at every step of the workflow. With Etere, enterprises are able to streamline operations, work faster and have a clearer view of business performance metrics across the the entire media eco-system.

Scalable, effective and forward-thinking solutions
Create, manage, store, distribute and monetise content with Etere software solutions which provide greater value compared to traditional solutions. Etere solutions are scalable to fit with your business's evolving needs and future proofs your investments with free upgrades. With an Etere system, you are fully equipped to align your business strategies with new market opportunities and technologies.