22 October 2019

A user friendly application that allows ETX users to manage their videos. Edit, preview, or capture live feeds with the help of ETX Toolbox.

The ETX Toolbox focuses on functionality for users to be able to use the software with ease. It allows users to edit and manage their videos, while also able to capture live broadcasted feeds. Integrated with other Etere applications, the ETX Toolbox functions in tandem to simply your broadcasting process.

The ETX Toolbox is divided into four sections for ease of usage: Playlist Toolbox, Breaks Playlist Toolbox, Toolbox Writer, and Preview Toolbox.

The Playlist Toolbox provides various functions that helps users to better manage their video files. Users can easily edit or add and delete functions and specifications to their playlist with the use of the handy 'Playlist Control Buttons' present in the Playlist Toolbox function bar. The Playlist Toolbox allows users to alter the format output of video and audio files in the playlist, and change the background format. Users can even assign transitions between playlists to ensure a smooth transition process from one playlist to the next.

The Breaks Playlist Toolbox enables users to insert a file in-between the video currently playing by introducing additional content. Users can easily control their playlists using the 'Break Playlist Control Buttons'that are found in the toolbox.

The Preview Toolbox allows users to view unlimited previews of their playlists and customise playback perimeters.

The Toolbox Writer aids users in captioning live feeds. With the use of the 'Capture' feature, users are able to add in captions into their live feeds right before it goes on air. The capture feature can also be used to record and store live video and audio to an archive of the user's choosing.

Interested parties can contact us at info@etere.com to learn more.

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