25 October 2019

Radio Live boasts a uniquely powerful playout automation that promises live, instantaneous changes to your playlist, whenever you need it.

Change your mind, change your tune, or just change the setlist with Radio Live's fast acting instantaneous playlist editing. The powerful playout automation allows you to not only make instant changes to your broadcast, but also schedule advertisements with customisable graphics, for a single track or the entire channel. This flexible media item manipulation allows you with the freedom to make the most out of your broadcasts.

Instant Playlist Edit
Slot in new songs, and remove old ones with the instant edit feature. Monitor your work with the unlimited previews provided.

User Friendly
The customisable, module-based architecture allows users to edit their work space to their preference. Build the perfect interface for live assist playout.

Centralised Management
Share content across multiple stations. Easily break away for local commercials, liners, and jingles, then rejoin seamlessly.

Performance Oriented Engine
Run unlimited separate playlists from one workstation simultaneously with its multi-channel audio outputs, and enough processing power to run them all simultaneously. Real-time log changes in any studio are instantaneously reflected in all other studios: no need to reload the current hour or day's log. Easily search and organise your database as needed.

Asset Management
All Etere solutions are integrated with the Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) solution, to enable users to store and retrieve their assets with ease. Store all your audio assets in customizable and quick-searchable groups. Scrollable lists allow you to view all your content instantaneously. Drag and drop between the library module and any other module within Radio Live for ultimate ease-of-use. Advanced metadata fields allow for additional sorting options within the MAM library and between scheduling and logging applications.

Fully supported
Etere Radio Live is backed by a 24 hour support system by our experienced customer support team.

Key Points:
■ Inbuilt playback automaton
■ Unlimited simultaneous previews
■ High degree of control over characteristics and specifications of the output
■ Media material instant playback
■ Simultaneous broadcasting