Etere Prepares for a Digital Future

Etere Prepares for a Digital Future

30 April 2020

Etere prepares you for the future with a fully digital solution that drives your business continuity. Be ready to bring your content and digitalisation to the next level, even in the face of covid-19 challenges.

In today's digital and media landscape, there are many drivers of change that disrupts the way we work. Some of these trends in the media industry include new media, streaming and the increased speed of media deliveries across multiple platforms.

As a company that prepares our users for the future, Etere offers a full range of digital solutions that allows you to achieve your business goals no matter where you are. We strive to think ahead and prepare for market demands through our investment in research and development. As a result, Etere solutions protect your returns on investments and empower you with the tools to reach new levels of digitalisation.

In view of the unprecedented covid-19 situation, demands for digitalisation will be on the rise. Technology tools bridge the geographical gaps we may face and mitigate our risks in the face of a global pandemic. As a technology solutions provider, the Etere team is prepared to scale up on our future-ready and digital solutions. Our business model will further leverage on digital technologies to enhance your adaptability for the future. Check out the list below for our market-proven remote solutions that are ready to run with your business workflows. Contact us to learn more about how we can add value to your digitalisation strategy.

Etere Remote Installation and Testing
Etere remote installation and testing is a market-tested service that drives your media workflows wherever you are. Etere offers one of the best support services in the market with 24/7 worldwide support for its users. Breaking geographical boundaries, Etere continues to provide a full suite of remote installation and consultancy services including multiple users connectivity, workflow creation, system configuration, workflow design solutions, troubleshooting and remote connectivity to your system. All you need is to secure a network connection and remote desktop services to get started.

Etere Remote Training
Similar to Etere remote installation, Etere remote training services can be conducted from anywhere in the world. Our dedicated team of support engineers are ready to help you to improve the technical competency of your team. With the use of digital services, we are able to conduct consultancy and training for you and your team to help you to achieve your goals. Etere is ready to support a large number of users from all around the world.

100% Software Solution
Etere is a software-only solution. As a result, there is no need for delivery and installation of hardware. Our solutions are an agile approach that prepares you for the future. The good news is, even in the midst of the covid-19 situation, we are ready to run!

Brand Independent and High Interoperability
In today's media landscape, interoperability is important for adaptability. Etere system is designed to be highly adaptable and compatible to work with any hardware, regardless of brand. With Etere systems, you can design your workflows to fit your requirements perfectly, without limitations due to brand dependency.

Full NDI Without the Need For SDI Cables
Etere offers a fully digital NDI solution that simplifies your IP setup with a cost-effective digital solution that does not require SDI hardware, cables and accessories. With Etere Ecosystem, you are able to manage your complete workflows including ingest, media asset management (MAM), transcoding, broadcast quality control, closed captions, IP multiviewer, playout and graphics seamlessly with one system. Not only that, Etere systems are IP-ready and allow you to use virtual machines in your workflow for up to 50% in cost savings.

Etere empowers you with the tools for the future, get in touch with us at to learn more.