Etere DR On The Cloud

Etere DR On The Cloud

16 April 2020

Business continuity is key especially in unprecedented situations. Etere provides a secured Disaster Recovery solution that is integrative with your cloud infrastructure. With Etere, you have what you need whenever you need it.

Business continuity is especially important in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic that affects companies around the world. In today's dynamic media landscape, Broadcasters face multiple challenges including geographical boundaries, business continuity and technological limitations.

It is becoming increasingly important to have a reliable disaster recovery system you can count on to save your critical data, especially in times of crisis. Undaunted by geographical barriers, Etere is able to provide a responsive, secured and reliable disaster recovery solution that you can trust.

Etere Disaster Recovery (DR) provides both logical and physical redundancy of the automation. In the event there is a failure in the main facility, Etere DR on the cloud will be automatically activated to ensure a responsive and secured recovery. Etere's synchronization tool runs every 5 minutes to ensure a consistent backup of the schedule on the DR automation. Thus, no matter what situation you are in, you can be rest assured that your automation is accurate and ready to run.

Secured File Storage, Transfer, Recovery
In addition, Etere Disaster Recovery (DR) serves as a secured storage solution that allows you to save your media files onto the cloud. It provides secured file storage, transfer and recovery whenever you need it.

Etere Ecosystem - Flexible and scalable for your needs
Etere Ecosystem equips you with software tools to manage your complete broadcasting workflows. Etere is a fully scalable solution that gives you full flexibility to integrate with your media systems. Not only that, Etere empowers users with the digitalisation tools to enhance connectivity across the different components of the broadcasting workflow including ad insertion, media asset management, scheduling, automation and playout. With Etere, you do not face hardware or brand restrictions.

The ability to move quickly and adapt easily will give your businesses a winning edge. With Etere, you are able launch your workflows on the fly no matter where you are in the world. Etere is a highly integrative solution that integrates with both SDI and IP infrastructure. In addition, with Etere's IP solution, you are able to use virtual machines in your workflows for significant cost savings.

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