EA1236 Etere CensorMX Time Delay (One Delay Channel)

EA1236 Etere CensorMX Time Delay (One Delay Channel)

04 June 2020

A robust and flexible software application that allows you to perform basic time delay with SDI/IP/NDI input and output for one delay channel.

Etere CensorMX Time Delay allows you to perform a delayed transmission while simultaneously ingesting media files. It supports SDI, IP, NDI input and output to give you maximum flexibility to choose the system that best fits your needs. Live streaming delays redefines broadcast as the duration and reliability of the time delay can make or break a program. Time delay is especially important when broadcasting live events as it helps to prevent mistakes or uncensored content from making it on-air.

To help you gain control of your mission-critical broadcast, Etere provides you with an integrative and intuitive software application that is ready to run instantly after installation. Navigating the controls on the CensorMX Time Delay is a breeze with the built-in configuration for delay duration, ingest and playout resources. The responsive application allows you to create shortcut paths that will auto-start the ingest or playout immediately after launch. Not only that, it is also designed with a distributed architecture that ensures a fault-resilient performance.

■ Customisable transition time and duration of recordings
■ Define a fixed duration for all ingested media to automatically enable a new recording whenever the recording duration has maxed out
■ Automatically captures ingested video with a set delay and duration
■ Flexibility to use SDI/IP/NDI input and outputs
■ Create shortcuts that allow you to have direct access to ingest or playout operations
■ Operations log allows you to track all activities of the application

Etere CensorMX Time Delay ensures that you are able to fulfill your compliance regulations for broadcasting. Unlike traditional solutions, Etere integrates all that you need in a future-proof software that can be easily updated. Moreover, Etere is renowned for its 24/7 worldwide software support that will help to ensure a flawless performance at every step of your production. CensorMX Time Delay is a cost-efficient solution that will ensure that your live streams will run without a hitch.

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