NATEXPO 2012 end with a great feedback about Etere MERP

14 November 2012

From Moscow with a spotlight on the ‘all-in-one Etere System’

The 3-day event on 6/8 November brings a lot of new opportunities to Etere.
At NATEXPO, Etere has renewed the success of its products in the Russian market being proudly supported by SVGA, its local distributor. At the stand it has captured all broadcasters’ attention.
Etere showed its entire products range and comprehensive workflows for TV broadcasters and media companies with a focus on Etere MERP and Etere MTX. Etere MERP has been the key of the show, its unique ERP approach for broadcast. Now, it is finally possible to build a single platform to manage in real time media assets, technical/human resources, financial information and facilities.
Etere knows that the broadcasters always try to find the best market solutions, easy to use and cost-effective; for these reasons - thanks its 22 years of experience – Etere has developed all-in-one solutions for them and it represents the new trend in the market!

Vladimir Loshkarev said: “Etere approach is the best for a demanding markets as the Russia, where only the best technologies of the world are accepted”. Etere was very satisfied for the success of the show. All the participants that have visited the SVGA stand really appreciated the new Etere solutions.

Etere is a consistent system !

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